Video: The bullpen during Johan’s warm-up, a bird’s-eye view

Although not an official GKR event, yesterday a bunch of hearty GKR revelers gathered in the bridge terrace cafe-style seats to watch Johan Santana pitch the day game. Of course we didn’t realize what a gem Niese would pitch later in the evening, and it was a shame the boys couldn’t pull off a phenomenal sweep, but we still had a blast in our cozy little private terrace.

29660_404912833873_520638873_4122618_2326768_n.jpgDana Brand and his daughter kept me lovely company in our choice seats directly above the Mets bullpen. I remained endlessly fascinated throughout the game by the rare, unhindered view from above. Although the pitcher threw from a spot hidden underneath the terrace, the catcher squatted just a stones-throw away, and if you’ve never seen–or heard!–a hard-pitched ball hit a catcher’s glove, I assure you it’s loud and impressive. When Mejia was warming up, the sound reverberated. You never hear about a catcher’s wrist problems, but man it looked like he’d have some.

We got to enjoy a Henry Blanco two-run dinger (home runs by our catchers–so routine! And yet still so awesome!), but for me the novelty of the day was watching the activity down below. Here’s a video of Blanco catching Johan while Warthen looks on, simulating a batter and nodding. You can also see in the video how eagerly the rest of the bullpen was watching Johan warm up.

And then Warthen moves to the other side of the plate.

Before each game, it seems, the bullpen forms its own high five line, which you can enjoy below along with Dana Brand and his daughter, me and GKR’s Lynn, and a somewhat sad shot of Frankie Rodriguez in what I’m assuming is his no-save-opportunity-for-me seat beside the bullpen.




And guess whom we ran into at the ballpark?’s own (and The Perpetual Post’s own) Howard Megdal. Howard’s got some very exciting stuff in the works, and you can stay tuned right here for coverage of his hot press conference on Monday. Oh, the suspense!


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