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El Windu

D’oh! I prequelled El Duque. And yet everyone knows the new movies ruined the franchise. Okay, Zoe, stick to original characters only. Because El Duque…was not a Jedi that night.


Maine Solo

He gets the ladies. And we win the series against the Braves.



4th installment of Star Pitcher Wars leads to a win!


Maini Wan Kenobi

The beginning of it all. The Mets are coming off a dismal 4-game sweep by the Phillies. We’re facing the Braves. We need a rally. So I cry: Help us, Maini Wan Kenobi. You’re our only hope.

And he does. A new supersititon is born.


Pelf Skywalker

You go Mike Pelfrey with your stuff slaying the dark competition.