David on David action

Late_show_1 How fun was David Wright on David Letterman?

Picture_051Some other time, David Wright mentioned in an interview that after he spent his rookiehood toting around Cliff Floyd’s gear, my #1 favorite Met Cliffy bought D-Wright a couple suits. I wonder if "D" was wearing one of them last night!

In honor of David Wright’s All-Startastic appearance on Letterman, I present to you my very own:

Top Ten "David on David" Late Show Moments:

10. The David Wright laugh: "HEH HEH heh hee!"

9. David Wright on Ryan Howard: "We made a trade. I told him I’d give up the Home Run Derby if he gives us the NL East." (Gives? We all know the Mets are taking that title.)

8. D-Wright’s knee-jerk reaction when asked about Willie Randolph? Mad props.

7. Our #5 confesses that the "over under" betting in the clubhouse had him at "2 or 3" for the Home Run Derby. How can you not love our team?

6. As to the effects of the Derby on our David? "I still can’t pick my arms up from that day."

5. D-Wright gives us the "funny story" of his brothers’ reaction to the bare-handed catch last season that we all went gaga over.

4. S.u.c.k-up. (And really, obscenity filter? You’re gonna bleep out "s*ck"?)

3. David’s response to the "tongue-athon": "It’s something that I’m very concerned about. Obviously your tongue is important to you." Picture_062 Picture_060_2

2. The double-take D-Wright gives (tongue included!) when Letterman asks–are the Mets a good team, or is the National League weak? Our boy has a sense of humor!

And the #1 Top David on David moment from last night’s Late Show appearance is:

1. David Letterman’s "Let me get this straight. I was a Yankee fan as long as they were winning."

Cue Paul Schaffer’s music please!!

And if you haven’t yet enjoyed the fun-filled video links in the post below, what are you waiting for, homey?




  1. Sterno

    Hey Zoe – Sterno here, Thanks for all the MIDDAY love – much appreciated. I’ll try to get you into our “Say What” next Fri. Back live Monday – till then I’m going to sit on the couch like a lazy you know what.

    Talk soon


    PS (Shameless plug here) – the rest of you can catch the MIDDAY 1230-1pm EST MOn-Fri and Next Stop Shea all season long only on MEts.com (new ep every Thurs) 🙂

  2. mlblogosphere@yahoo.com

    I’m going to take a poll on the filter question on my blog. That’s one of hundreds of inclusions in the profanity filter that we inherited from Six Apart, and obviously a tough one not to remove, though there would be a few words combined that we probably wouldn’t want to see (I’m not a moderator so I don’t look for everything).

    Sounds like Letterman was great.



  3. Zack

    Gah! I still haven’t gotten to see the whole Letterman appearance.

    (I agree about the filter issue for the word in question.)

    -The Baseball Collector

  4. Zoe

    At the risk of sounding penny cautious, pound shy (is that even a saying?) I think we should see what we can get without giving up too much. We probably do need a new starter–our best guys are getting older, and our young guys aren’t ready yet, and we’re not sure what Banny will have when he’s back.

    The majority of me thinks: NO! We can’t give up Milledge EVER! Don’t you dare! But there’s a tiny part saying: Well, he wasn’t THAT amazing in the majors, he might not fit the clubhouse dynamics, and maybe if he’s not around we can keep Cliffy!

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