The All Stars

Picture_034_1 Scroll down to former entries if you want to see me lose my…erm…cap over the Mets (and especially our D-Wright) at the All Star game.

But on this "day of rest ," doesn’t it seem fitting to thank the guys who’ve been bringing us great coverage of the All Star game? I think it does!

First, we’ve got to raise our caps to Mark Newman, the man who asked me to become a MLBlogger, and whom I’m supposed to go visit over at the Chelsea Market one of these days to say hey! Besides being an all-around stand up guy (from what I can tell over gmail!), Mark gives up sleep so that he can liveblog and sports report for us. Thanks, Mark!

Picture_039Next? We move to my newest mini-crush, the ever-adorable Mets fan Casey Stern. Have you watched the Midday archives? Because if  you haven’t, you’re missing out. You can’t call yourself a true David Wright fan until you’ve seen the 6/21 interview with Casey and our #5 on the Midday, searchable here. (FYI, I have to press "Ctrl" when I scroll to 6/21 to offset my pop-up blocker, so you may have to as well.)

By the way, Casey, should you happen upon this entry: The way you wear your hair in the David Wright interview (as pictured at the very top)? Definitely stick with that look. (See? What sports blogger could tell you that, right?)

If you missed Casey’s truly entertaining 50 minute All Star Midday broadcast, that’s in the Midday archive as well. BUT EVEN BETTER, I’ll be linking at the end of this post to some FREAKIN’ HILARIOUS outtakes, so keep reading. (I did not capture, however, the laugh out loud moment where Casey Stern pretty much offered to dress up in Alyssa Milano’s sexy girl baseball clothes…) (See? I told you he’s adorable.)

Picture_031_1 Finally, Mark, who is this Pete McCarthy making us love him at Fanfest? From what I can tell on, he hosts the "Under the Lights" radio show. Note to MLB.Com: Pete McCarthy has neither the face nor the body for radio. Give the guy some more camera time! Plus, he lets little kids beat him at races. Awww.

(Extra Note to boyfriend Rob: You’re still my #1 hottie and very best Mets buddy.)

Now, on to some of my favorite moments of the Home Run Derby coverage, all viewable on YouTube.

Whoever at the Midday decided to mike Jose Reyes during David Wright’s Home Run Derby outing deserves a hearty pat on the back. Some priceless moments:

1. Reyes preps "D" for the Derby

2. Reyes reacts to a D-Wright homer. Oohhhhhhhhhh!

3. Reyes barks like a seal for David Wright–"That’s what I’m talking about. That’s my man there."

4. The oh-so-wonderful "Get an apple juice" moment. Rey: "You got 12 already, man! Let’s go. Don’t get tired now." David Wright: "I’m tired!" Jose Reyes: "Get an apple juice. An apple juice–get it."

5. Jose Reyes congratulates David Wright and "Dukey" after the Derby: ("Ahhhhh! You guys struggled a little bit. You guys struggled.")

And here are the wonderful moments I blogged about a couple days ago, but unfortunately crashed everyone’s browsers with! Now in convenient linkity link form. (Taken from the TV, not from the Midday.)

6. "Cliff Floyd said I’d hit 2" (And yes, Cliff’s relationship with David Wright is the cutest thing ever.)

7. David interview on the grass. (2nd cutest thing ever.)

8. A hug from Ryan Howard! (Oh, fine. It’s all darn cute.)

9. Big Papi: Towel boy.

10. David Wright’s beautiful swing.

You could just tell at the Derby how much fun all these guys were having. From Ortiz and his insanely adorable kid, D’Angelo, to Reyes and Wright, to everyone just smiling and having fun? What a joy to watch.

I haven’t even begun to think about what parts of the All-Star game I should "video" blog about, but someone on YouTube has already asked for the "bleed blue and orange" quote, which seems a great place to start.

Until later, friends!



P.S. I’m sure I missed many people involved in the coverage, so feel free to shout out to your favorites!!



  1. john

    Got the picture from a fellow reader of the blog. Also i think someone sent in the pic of the Letterman and Wright at the desk picture. Not too sure. All i know is that the sports illustrated is worth it and this is the first sports illustrated i have bought sine 1999 lol.




  2. Edward

    This has been a fun week to be a Mets fan, w/ Letterman, the S.I. cover, the Derby, etc. I really feel like this is a Mets’ town again. But tonight it’s time to get back to work… Let’s Go Mets! There’s a championship to win!
    ~Eddie @ Willie Ball

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