The Team. The Time. The Taking Care of Business. NLCS Game 6!

Picture_0191_9Judy on the Diamondvision said it best: There’s no place like home!

Folks, the evening started super good. First, the Kids’ Store finally had my size in the shirt I’d been looking for for weeks. I’ll rock it tonight, and I heart it so much! They also had the temporary tattoos I wanted to slap on my cheek–the facial one (aren’t I cheeky?)–as I’ll do again tonight. THEN it was time for the bloggers-at-Shea meet and greet! I could tell you how Matt Cerrone of Metsblog came up to me and MetsGrrl just as we were discussing how the Mets boyshort, rather than the thong, would totally be the way to go, but then I’d have to photoshop my brilliant Mets underwear idea. Oh ****. Boyshort_mets_1Picture light orange or blue instead of yellow and then tell me that’s not something you’d buy yourself, wife, girlfriend, etc. instead of that awful pink Mets thong.

Meet the bloggers! Meet the bloggers. Step right up and greet the bloggers! Among the preshow revelers were Metsblog, MetsGrrl (and her awesome sign!), Hot Foot, (tall) Toasty Joe, (goateed) Metstradamus, Brooklyn Mets Fan (and his lovely wife), and lordy hope I didn’t forget anyone! Also? One verrry enthusiastic blog fan (pictured far left in the group pic.) Look for the shortest blogger, and who do you get? (Hint: Not Toasty Joe.)



First pitch? Mets fan Matt Dillon, who–hmm–didn’t seem to want his hat to fit. Okay, then, Mattie.


Right from the start of the game, you could see that fantastic Mets chemistry boiling hot in action. Picture_0251_7I kind of love how from my angle, Lo Duca’s pre-game pep talk to Johnny Maine looked like he was resting his head on the rookie’s shoulder. Awwww.

There were moments of great Met-to-Met chemistry all night, and you could tell our boys were having fun. Carlos Delgado (the strongest of veteran leaders) kept making David Wright and Jose Reyes smile, even at one point throwing his arm around the young, homering shortstop’s arms in the infield. Loved it.


Picture_0261 Also, you can’t help but laugh at what looks like Delgado and Maine doing the hokey pokey (you put your left foot in…).

But back to business now. How ’bout this great pic from MetsGrrl’s awesome flickr feed of Rick Peterson escorting our SUPERB Johnny Maine to the dugout? Maine_peterson_metsgrrlI love Maine in a high pressure situation. He just keeps it together. Thank you, Johnny!!

Here, too, on Diamondvision, is Paul Lo Duca’s crucial 2 RBI hit–the one that would ultimately ensure us the win.


What else? Well, I could say I wasn’t the one who started my section shouting at Spiezio: "Shave your chin pubes!" But…then I’d be lying. I saw at least three fans, though, with very blue versions of that awful soul patch.

Oh, and you know what else? Hee. Every single woman in my local bathroom at Shea has commented on what for us is a miraculous and rare occurance. I’ll just show you:


Picture_054Guys, now you know how we feel every day!

Picture_049Do I hope Billy Wagner’s a bit more solid tonight? Well, sure. But I have faith in him. Just like I have total faith in our whole team. I’m so thrilled to be able to be a part of this.

Let’s all cheer for what just *has to be* another night of victory hand slappies for the Mets and victory arm raising for Zoe. Only sooooo much better. I want to get me some champers tonight, folks!!!

Picture_0501Picture_0551 MetsGrrl’s sign says it all. NOT IN OUR HOUSE!

Kinahura. Kinahura. Kinahura!

Here’s a YouTube video of the gazillions of fans tunneling out of Shea, chanting as one unit: Jose Jose Jose Jose! And what a great game for our Jose it was!!



P.S. My "funniest sign of the night" award goes to the field level "Stick it up your Pujols." Hee!

P.P.S. I never thought I’d say this, but now I LOVE Looper at Shea!




    Good post. Enjoyed the pics. You metsbloggers kinda resemble the Super Friends, no?

    We’re 4 hrs away from the first pitch. What are the Met faithful doing now to 8:19pm in anticipation of what is the biggest game for the Mets since probably 1988???

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