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Picture_0311_1This is my cheek. This is my cheek on Mets. Any questions?

Folks, I screamed so hard for our team last night that I literally can’t talk today. But in true 26th man (and woman) fashion, I will rest up and be back later for more. God, I can’t wait.

I’ve got some photoshop lightening, cropping, etc. to do with my pics, but when I’m back soon, it’ll be so you can enjoy the Shea NLCS Game 6 experience along with me. (And also meet some other bloggers! We had a meet-and-greet before the game, which was a ton of fun. In the pics? Yeah, look for the shortest blogger and who do you get?)

Diamondvision kept letting fans know all night that the team loves us. We got messages from David Wright, Paul Lo Duca, and Carlos Delgado. All about how rocking we are. Well, Metsies. Expect more tonight!!

Picture_0231_1THE TEAM. THE TIME. IS NOW.

More soon! xx

(P.S. For any of you who want to rock the Mets body art, the clubhouse store sells temporary tattoos for $4 that–I learned–truly do come off easily with rubbing alcohol. I think it’s an extra fun way to support the team!)



    nice tat.

    Please get your rest so you can be there to cheer our team on. Those of us who can’t be there are counting on you to cheer in our absense. I was cheering from home and applauded Maine when he exited. When the final out was recorded, I then felt it was safe to truly let loose. : )

    That’s nice that Shea puts up the player messages.

    Let’s get them again tonight Mets!!!!!

  2. john

    I am so pumped for tonight’s game, Ill be in the Mezz section thanks to a friend. But i already have my world series game 3,4,5 tickets ready so please mets win win win tonight. I am going to be partying all night tonight if they win tipping cars over so try not to drive to the game lol.



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