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I know. I feel it too. When that last strike was called, oh the sadness. But there’s so much goodness still to blog about, and I will tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s a great example of what a fan at Shea is all about. I can tell you two things: 1) This is not even half as loud as I usually yell for the Mets. I may be on the small side, but boy I cheer big. 2) I have no idea what I’m doing with my jacket.


  1. levelboss@levelboss.com

    HEE-larious, Zoe! (and i mean ‘cute’ hilarious)

    you sounded like a mix between Edith Bunker and Gilbert Gottfried

  2. wolffman98@aol.com

    i am still real upset… couldn’t even sleep last night… but good season… just came up a little short… we’ll be back next year

  3. maurine7@aol.com

    Cute Zoe! : )

    Disappointing loss, but at least we made them work for it.

    And despite the loss, they still had a great season and have so much to be proud of.

    And like you said, we have a great team for 2007.

    Thanks Mets for a great year.

  4. metsgrrl@gmail.com

    Part of what irked me so much about the Cardinals fans sitting next to us last night was that THEY DIDN’T F’in CHEER. They DIDN’T stand up for their team – until the end, of course, they’re calling people in St. Louis to make plans for next Thursday before we even got up to bat again. I wouldve respected them if they’d cheered their *** off for their team.

    I know the girl was going to say something to me after I snapped at her that she had to pick one team to root for, not both, but I was leaning over the railing screaming my lungs out and crying my eyes out.

    We slept fine because we were just exhausted, but I woke up upset.


  5. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    I was upset but I’m over it now. Yes Z WE ARE GOING TO GET THEM NEXT YEAR! SOO funny! LOL

    We live for baseball and the emotion it brings. The highs and the miserable lows. However I had fun this season. Met a couple of Mets, went to my first actual Mets game (after all this years can you beleive that?) and I’m already making plans for spring training and games next year. YES, NEXT YEAR!

    It came down to one game that we lost. In the end we all know the Mets had a better record and a ton of issues to deal with. No blame to anyone in particular, as a team you loose together (but like I said I would’ve slap a couple of guys around LOL).

    Mets fans hearts have a way of magically healing. Our minds are super forgiving and we will bounce back.



  6. william.radie@yahoo.com


    I feel you on this.

    These guys played their hearts out for us all year long.

    As sad as I am, I cant hang my head. Not on this team. Not on these guys.

    It was a great season.

    To sum it up…

    I am appreciative.

  7. Edward

    Wow… can’t believe how bad I feel today. But you know what? We ARE gonna get ’em next year. We’ve got a good young core here, and veterans like Delgado and Lo Duca still have a few good years left in ’em.

    Willie and the boys will come back rested and hungrier in 2007. And maybe with a few new additions.

    ~ Eddie @ Willie Ball


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