Howard Megdal wants to hear you


This past Monday, June 14th,’s Howard Megdal held a press conference at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square to announce his candidacy for Mets General Manager. You can learn all about his campaign at Megdal for GM. Yes, he’s running, to be elected–by you, if you decide you believe in him. And Howard seems quite dedicated to winning your baseball trust.

Howard stressed that he’s not running against Omar Minaya, and he in fact hopes Minaya’s dynasty continues in an upward climb to the post-season even many times over. He’s a Mets fan. We all hope that. But when Minaya and the Mets are ready to part ways, Howard wants to be the one who steps in and fills his shoes.

And he wants you to help him get there.

P1110251.JPGFor the next ten days, Howard’s conducting a listening tour over at Baseball Think Factory. The dialogue has already started, and Howard seems deeply invested in what the fans have to say. He wants you to give him a vote of confidence. That’s his whole goal, I would say–to become the first fans’ GM. And in that spirit, he’s hoping you’ll join the discussion and let him know what you want.

New York Magazine has already announced Howard’s bid for the GM in the last paragraph here, and fellow Metsy online folks Ted Berg and Mike Silva joined me in asking questions on the fans’ behalf at Howard’s announcement presser. See our questions below, and for Howard’s full announcement speech, visit him at YouTube.


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