A Gaga Tribute to Hisanori Takahashi

It can’t hurt to focus on the positive from last night’s first game of the year against the Yanks. Hold the vocal criticism–this is for kicks, not for American Idol 🙂

Taka. Taka-hashi!


He’s on the mound

He’s c-coming out

For the orange and blue

Oh, his aim will be true

Arigato Japan

For giving us this steadfast man

His pitches he’ll mix

He’ll choose them from six

From fastball to curve

Or a slider with verve

Mixed velocity

From off-speed to ferocity

From the bullpen or to start…

I’m your biggest fan

I’ll follow through outs one to three


Baby you’re a superstar who gives us consistency


Promise you’ll stay well

Without you our rotation goes to hell

Baby you’ll be famous

Someday even get the victory


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