Citi McFadden’s review: Initial thoughts

P1100015.JPGFirst it was opening day. And it was glorious.

The field and fans were sun-drenched, and with D-Wright giving us a lead right off the bat, the energy was electric. Even when Johan passed the ball to Fernando Nieve, the path remained free and clear. A great game. A great day. Great Mets fans. Everything we hoped for.

Then the game ended. The wind picked up. And I headed to McFaddens. It was the opposite of glorious.

P1100093.JPGRight after the game, the McFadden’s line was so bad that I hung out with friends at their continuing tailgate for half an hour, thinking it would die down. Then I gave it a second go.

But no. While other friends were already inside, having left the ballpark in the 8th inning to watch the rest of the game at the bar, I was on line outside the makeshift entrance. Oh my God, that line. Worse than the most annoying NYC clubs. I even told the head security guy that I was here to review the establishment for my Mlblog. And when I asked politely, “Is there a manager I can talk to?” he literally said to me, “Who do you know?”

Half an hour later, I made it into McFaddens at Citi. Let me show you how empty most of the bar was–just so you know what it looked like while people were waiting for ages outside.


Meanwhile clustered around a raised bar were pretty much the fans I tend to avoid at the game. The obnoxious super drunk douchey ones. My heart sank. This was our new Citi watering hole? The homey Mets-loving spot I had anticipated with excitement? Ugh. Boo.

As my friend texted me while I was on the interminable line, “It’s coyote very ugly.”

I did get a kick out of this guy, though. Here he is about to be thrown out. His friend had been on top of him moments earlier. Alas my camera wasn’t quick enough for that.

P1100100.JPGI’ll give the place another try perhaps when it’s not opening day. And I may call earlier and talk to a PR person who might ease the way a bit. But oy, first impressions were NG No Good.

So let me leave you with these, the pics from earlier, when all was still bliss. In that last pic you’ll see a sea of raised hands waiting to congratulate our David Wright, who’s buried somewhere within the happy Mets welcome wagon.



And there are always Mets friends to see at the ballpark. Matt Cerrone, Dana Brand, and Jason Fry, and from far away gal pal Julie Alexandria posing for a pic with Matt on the field, and Michael Baron, whom I’d briefly meet later. Always a joy to see familiar faces at Citi!




  1. ceetar

    I’ll give McFadden’s a try sometime this season. I assume you caught it at it’s worst and it still has some kinks to work out to develop an identify. Not expected it to get ‘much’ better though.

  2. danabrand

    It was great to see you, Zoe. I’m going to have to check out McFadden’s, but so far my impressions of it are formed by Chris Carton saying to Boomer that the place features “80 broads just waiting to make you happy.” What century is this? What’s with the outfits? Is this some kind of creepily corporate Hooters place? Is this the best they could do?

  3. pickmeup

    Unfortunately there is a Hooters element. And unfortunately many Mets fans are thrilled about that.

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