D-Wright is almost there! Last chance to make him an All-Star!

Our David Wright has narrowed his second place status in the All-Star vote to a mere margin of 22,635, as opposed to about 180,000 just a couple weeks ago.

Let’s send David to the All-Star game! Not only is he the only Mets player in contention, but he’s having a stellar season so far–batting .303, with 14 homers (140% of his total all last year!) and a league-leading 61 RBIs. He deserves this, and what’s more, we know how much he’ll appreciate the fans’ vote of confidence.

You’ve got until Thursday at 11:59 PM.

VOTE HERE, vote often, and let’s get this done. Consider it like the 2000 presidential election, and you live in Florida. The margin is small enough that your every vote will count. Don’t leave those hanging chads!

(I’ve now used 3 email addresses, which means 75 votes, and it’s really quick and easy! When you reach your limit on one email address, just type in another and it keeps your ballot choices intact.)


  1. raysrenegade

    Took all my eligible email addresses and did my 25 votes for each one. I can honestly say I cast my NL vote for David Wright, plus did a write-in vote for Mets First Baseman Ike Davis too.
    It can truly be illustrated in 2010, If David Wright is getting his strokes, the Mets have a greater chance to post a “W”.
    Going to be a race to the finish here, and hopefully the rest of the country gets behind Wright and take him to a starting spot.

    Rays Renegade


  2. raysfanboy

    I don’t want to jinx it, but looking at Wright’s numbers I don’t see how he could NOT be an all star. Seriously. He might not start (he should) but he SHOULD be on the team. The guy is solid. And I’m sure you’re excited about how good your Mets have been so far this year in a tough division!


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