The SNY Game Coverage Drinking Game

Picture_289With the start of the season mere short days ahead of us, I figured why not make the SNY broadcasts–with their loveable characters and wacky moments–even more enjoyable. What can possibly make that happen? Why, drinking, of course.

And so we have the SNY Game Coverage Drinking Game.

Anyone mentions Keith’s tootsie pops: 1 drink
Keith talks about his hair: 1 drink
Ronnie mentions golf or uses a golf metaphor: 1 drink
Gary mentions Columbia: 1 drink
Keith talks about his footwear: 1 drink
Keith SHOWS his footwear (or lack thereof): Drink until done
“And it’s out of here!” 1 drink

Kevin pauses an interview to step in with play-by-play: 1 drink
Gary sings: 1 drink
Keith gets his ice cream: 1 drink
Keith gives a movie review: 1 drink
Ronnie talks about pitchers hitting: 1 drink
Keith expresses his aesthetic uniform preferences: 1 drink
All three burst into laughter: Drink until done
“For all you kids out there”: 2 drinks
Anyone mentions
SNY behind the scenes talent (including director Webby): 1 drink
They ask where
Kevin Burkhardt is: 1 drink
Keith talks about the wind at Shea: 1 drink

Camera goes to Gary and/or Ron and Keith in the booth: Drink until they’re gone
Keith shows off his color-coordinated score sheet: 1 drink
Keith says how he’s “professional”: 1 drink
Keith calls himself old or a “dinosaur”: 1 drink

Gary impresses Ron and/or Keith with some esoteric baseball-historical detail: 1 drink
Keith or Ron mention former teammates: 1 drink
Any of them argue with the scoring: 2 drinks
Top of the hour “reset”: 1 drink
Camera pans to SNY/
Keith, Ron, Gary-related sign in the stands: 1 drink
Keith sighs: 2 drinks
Afflack Duck on screen: 1 drink

Keith or Ron ask where their coffee is: 1 drink
Camera focuses on building progress of
Citi Field: 1 drink
Any of the guys mentions any of their wives: 1 drink

Keith or Gary mention their dogs: 2 drinks
Camera pans to a baby/toddler in the stands: 1 drink
Technical difficulties with the call-in segment: 2 drinks

Feel free to add your own in the comments section!
It’s almost time, people!



    Great list, Zoe! Can’t wait to try it out!

    Here are some further suggestions:

    Keith mentions the traffic – 1 drink

    Keith or Ronnie shout out Howard Johnson- 1 drink

    Ronnie mentions Yale- 1 drink

    Ronnie says anything about New England- 1 drink

    Keith remarks on a pretty shot of the sunset or clouds- 1 drink

    Any of the guys mention their kids- 2 drinks

    Moar! Moar! Moar!


    Keith talking about just for men, seinfeld, or any other tv (non baseball game) appearance – 1 drink

    Keith talking about hanging out with Roger McDowell in atlanta – 1 drink

    Keith mentioning cheerleaders or any ladies being a distraction if they were around back in his day – 2 drinks

    Great idea Zoe.


    Hysterical list, I think I might drop dead from alcohol poisoning before the season’s up.


    We are all heading for AA. More:

    Ronnie tells his family/friends, don’t call him, he has no tickets: 1 drink
    Keith makes direct (“Budweiser”) or oblique (“frosty beverage”) reference to beer: 1 drink
    Keith make comments suggesting his job is hard work: 1 drink
    Gary gently disabusing him of this notion: 1 drink


    Oh no, I almost forget!
    Mention of Logan Burkhardt: 2 drinks
    Logan Burkhardt on camera: drink until done. 😉


    Zoe, I sent this to Matt Cerrone, too- tell me what you think. I visited The Met — the Museum, that is, and re-viewed a favorite painting of mine– Diego Velazquez’s portrait of Juan de Pareja:

    I love this guy, but for the first time, he reminded me of someone. Of course!!

    I don’t have my PhotoShop up and running, or I would do some kind of mashup.

    Love the blog, Zoe! RE: the drinking game, it occurs to me that Ralph Kiner definitely deserves som love, too.

    Theresa Muir

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