Gary Cohen Thinks I’m Nutso

But more on that soon!

There’s so much to write about, from insane NLCS Game 1 highs to truly frustrating Game 2 lows. But I’m not in the mood for that right now. Because I’ve been SNY-ing my heart out for the past couple days! I got to talk quite a bit with Gary and Ron, too, which was pretty much the best part. They are some fun-tastic guys.

Shall we start with pics? The first one was taken right after I piped up, "Ron, will you smile for me?"



Picture_080u1 Picture_012u Picture_082uPicture_0841u Since I had the time, I decided to get to Shea at 6PM so I could hang out by Gate A for the SNY preshow. Normally, I hide from video (clearly not digital!) cameras like they’re trying to bite me. But this time? I thought it’d be a fun way to give our special guys some extra support. (It also helped that no one I knew–in "real" life–except for Rob could possibly be watching!)

(I had NO idea how many of y’all readers would catch me! Great eyes, folks! Also, awwww. You like me! You really like me! And…also? Contrary to how it may seem, I am not–exactly–a midget. I stand at a stately five feet three and a half inches.)

I didn’t realize I’d get to talk to Gary Cohen and Ron Darling, but I’ve got to take a moment to give them some "big ups." I was feeling a tad shy, but I couldn’t help letting my jokester ways out for Ron, who arrived first. "Where’s Gary?" someone shouted out. "Still getting his makeup done," Ron quipped. "Getting his head powdered?" I called out (affectionately). Ron nodded, and I think he looked quite amused. (Of course for all who’ve seen my Rob without his cap, you know I love the folliclely challenged.) The cameras panned back and forth to get the crowd going wild over and over. We chanted our tushes off. And Gary Cohen seemed to enjoy when I cried out later "Gary, your face was wasted on radio!"

But fun as Thursday was, Friday’s SNY outing was soooo much better! (Well, the preshow part, at least. Let’s not talk about the game lest I get pouty.) First of all, Rob came along for the ride this time. He may have been dragged, but he loved it.



Picture_042uThis time, I was an old pro at preshow banter. When I saw Ron, I called out "What college were you in?" That’s Yale-speak for "What residential house were you affiliated with for four years?" He seemed quite happy to talk Yale and told me "Davenport." "I was Calhoun," I said, and Ron told me that in his day, Calhoun was all hockey players. Not in my day! We actually had a baseball player in my class, Tommy Kidwell, who played in the minors for the Cardinals (ironic, no?).

I asked Ron then about his son, also a pitcher, whom Ron sometimes talks about during SNY coverage. "Will your son be in the big leagues?" I asked. Ron responded that his son’s a superb player, and was right then at a tournament in Los Vegas.

Then Gary Cohen arrived. Now, I love Gary. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I love to recap his hilarious banter with Keith Hernandez. It just makes me laugh. So when I saw Gary, I called out "Teach us davening!" Davening, of course, is the Jewish prayer motion that he often joked about with Keith. Both Gary and Ron got a big kick out of that. Gary started inching near me. So then I said, 100% truthfully, "You guys make the games more fun." Gary responded, laughing, "It’s fun ’cause we’re winning! If we lost 97 games, it wouldn’t be so fun!"

By then, Gary was my best friend (loosely speaking). It was then that I asked him if I could take a picture with him, and he was absolutely willing and genial. (Of course, leaning from behind the barrier does not lend for a flattering pic of Zoe.) "I love crazy Keith," I told him. "I love you guys together." I started listing off some of my favorite dialogue. "You got your stirrups.  You’ve got to line up the piping." Gary seemed impressed. "Someone’s been paying attention!" So I went on. "And the scorecards! You got your DaVincis here, you got your Renoirs here, you got your Hernandezes here!" Gary laughed along with me. See? Best friends!

But then I went a bit too far. See, I have a photographic memory! I blogged about it! I freakishly remember almost everything I type!

"But my favorite," I went on, "was about Mr. Met. Keith says: What’s with all the scars? He looks like Frankenstein. Then Gary Cohen: He’s a baseball."

Yeah. This is when Gary Cohen lowered his head into his notes and smiled. Not my best friend smile. Not the–you’re so attentive! You really like me! smile like before. This one had a tinge of, "Ok. The girl’s crazy." I could be reading into things…but methinks I should have quit with Gary Cohen when I was ahead.

You think that’s all for Friday’s Rob and Zoe, though? Nuh-uh. Not when all of Shea so clearly saw us singing Meet the Mets on the Diamondvision! I could say I didn’t run up to the guy with the camera and cry out "Can my boyfriend and I sing Meet the Mets?" But then I’d be lying. (Oh ****. Am I crazy?)

Picture_0341You can see the YouTubed preshow coverage right here, in full fan glory: 1) Shorty in the pink hat. 2) Shorty jumping at the lower right hand corner. 3) Rob and I dorking out together.

<span style="color: **************, I knew the camera adds 10 lbs, but who knew it takes away 3 inches?


I mean, if the postseason isn’t the time to take full advantage of the Shea experience, then what is!?

Off to McFadden’s tonight. Let’s cream them in their house, Metsies!


Crazy Z



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