You GOTTA see this one!

Picture_0312_1 The silver lining on my last trip to Shea on Tuesday (Glavine’s loss) was that I finally went to my first batting practice!

The photo album is a can’t-miss for any Mets fan.

I was on the right end of the dugout, where several Metsies got close to me–but none signed anything, alas. Lovely David Wright by far signed the most autographs and posed for pics with fans–but only the "special pass" fans between home plate and the dugout. HOW can I get one of those special passes??

Jose Reyes signed a bit as well, and Willie signed a kid’s ball. 3rd base coach Manny Acta especially came over to the dugout to sign autographs. Hmmm, 3rd base seems to be devoted to the fans this year, huh?

SNY’s Chris Cotter was right in front of me, and I even saw MLBlogs own Casey Stern head into the dugout, never to be seen again.

Unfortunately, the most annoying baseball girlfriend of all time had to stand right next to me. Despite barely knowing who anyone was, she kept haranguing her boyfriend to toss her hat to the players to get an autograph–repeatedly asking, "Is he anyone?" because she only wanted specific players. She felt entitled to an autograph because she had come so early. As if the rest of us had just strolled in at 6PM. The girl’s piercing screams to D-Wright and Cliff made me embarassed to be next to her. AND she booed Lo Duca. Do you hear that? Chick booed Lo Duca! Because he didn’t sign anything for her.

That’s when, indeed, I turned to her and said: "Don’t boo Lo Duca." Because I stand up for our boys.

But the final straw came when she screamed "Cliff Floyd!" at every single big black man. EVEN THE CUBS. Granted, the Cubs workout jackets are a similar color to ours, but come on, Chick. You’re *****.

Enjoy the July 25 album!





    Sweet pictures.. I especially enjoyed the one of the guy wearing the Matsui shirt.. I mean seriously guy, would you even wear that when he was stil on the team?


    Great entry! I’m going to try my luck @ BP once again if we end up going to the games next week down here. I’ll let you know.

    And girl I don’t like that chick either so you can tell her I said to stop being a … well bad fan LOL

    Great pics!! 🙂


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