Banny and the hammy

BannisterFinally, an update on Brian Bannister. On last night’s pre-show, we learned that Banny’s been throwing in the bullpen but hasn’t yet pitched a simulated game. Ron Darling estimated his return at about a month from now, leading us to believe we’ll see Mike Pelfrey before Bannister’s return.

And tonight? Trachsel. At a time when our starters have been struggling, these last few games and future few games are key, key, key for the rotation. El Duque? THANK YOU! Last night’s outing was one we can be proud of. But now Trachsel…he’s been struggling of late. A win is well within our grasp tonight, but if the offense carries the game, is that enough? I’m hoping Trachsel can get some amazing innings in there to keep the momentum going on the mound.

As for Pelfrey? Oy. New York is one of the hardest places for a young star to make a debut. Because when a fresh player comes with a whole load of hype, we expect results. And fast. If Pelfrey’s first start isn’t what we want it to be (God-forbid!), I hope he can shrug off the consequences. And if he gives us everything we want that first time out? I hope he stays focused and healthy, and that he’s able to have fun along the way.

I remember a couple of years ago when Mets fans felt relieved just to hit 500. We’re at 50 wins now. We’ve got a great team full of heart, skill, and moxie. We’re cheering for you, Metsies. Let’s hope the next 50 wins are just as fun as the first.





  1. Cyn

    //50 wins, the first MLB team to do it this year.//

    The Red Sox haven’t won in three days and they have fifty wins. White Sox have 55, Detroit has 57. Mets got their 50th yesterday. Going to have to disagree with you here, Joe. 🙂

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