David Wright’s latest post

David_and_zoe_copy_3Have you checked out David Wright’s latest blog post yet? He’s just a stand up guy, all the way. And every time I see him interviewed, I can’t believe how young he is. Make sure to watch him Wednesday on David Letterman! It’s honestly the first time I’ve been dying to be in that audience. (But who doesn’t love Letterman? He goes easy on athletes. He adores ’em.)

I’ll tell you, a lot of the 22-year-old guy Yalies I graduated with weren’t half as mature as David Wright. But gladly, there’s a lot of career left for this 23-year-old, and I can’t wait to see every bit of it.

Hopefully he’ll be a Met for a goooooood long time. You stay in blue and orange, okay David? We love you too much to let you go.

We’re going to smash the pirates tonight. I can feel it!

And go ahead, admit it. You want to photoshop yourself in with David too.





  1. Zoe

    Michael, so far I’ve had trouble getting the ë on typepad. I cut and paste from MS Word when I feel like bothering. But on Word, it’s ctrl + shift + : (all at once) then e.

    Ooh, top of the 4th was just great for Trachsel! Come onnnn Stevie!

  2. thewrightfans@yahoo.com

    I don’t want to photoshop me I want to take me a real pic w/ him LOL 😉 Nicely done though!!


    The Wrightoholics Wrighter

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