R.A. Dickey knows why the Mets are still in it

alg_mets_dickey.jpgThere are a million reasons to love RA Dickey, arguably the Mets’ biggest happy surprise of 2010. You might think the latest reason was his dazzling 8+ inning shut-out against the validly strong Cardinals, but in fact, the very latest “I Love Dickey” moment came after the game, in the dugout talking to Kevin Burkhardt. 

In his genuine, humble yet determined way, Dickey captured exactly the tenor and essence of his team:
You can say a lot of things about the 2010 New York Mets, but you don’t ever say that we don’t play hard. I mean we’ve got–you look at Angel Pagan’s uniform, and Jose Reyes after a thirteen inning heartbreaker last night, coming off a 2 and 9 road trip–we don’t give up. And we’re not gonna give up.”

Well said, Dickey, and I’m sticking in there with you. Let’s Go Mets. 

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  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    (deep breath ~ *sigh*)
    I’m with you on Dickey! I hope there was an encrypted message to his team mates in there. Which, I think there was. I really dig his attitude. In April he surrendered a hit to a lead-off batter in a AAA start. He then threw a “perfect game” to finish off the last 27 batters of that game. Let’s face it, if you had asked a fan in June, no one thought Dickey was someone we were going to have confidence in if we were playing a game in October. But he has done everything to convince us other wise. We should have confidence in him because he’s proving that out. It’s just a shame there will be no games in October. If they keep this up, Fred Wilpon will not get his “meaningful games in September” either.
    Just saying.

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