Mobilize to support our boys! Show the Phillies fans who’s got more heart!

We’ve got to get our All-Star showing up, folks. If not in selected players, at least in fan votes. Let’s get louder. We’ve got reason to.

I can’t imagine asking the Mets to do more than they’ve done the past couple weeks. Beside the pristine work of the team’s starting pitchers, David Wright’s a league-leader in RBIs, Jose Reyes is more Jose Reyesy than he’s been in ages, Jason Bay and Jeff Francoeur have fought their way out of slumps, Ike Davis and Angel Pagan continue to get the big hit at the right time, and Rod Barajas remains a solid pleasant surprise.

I just spent five minutes showing the team how much I appreciate what they’ve been doing. It’s a matter of fan pride. Why should our guys–who are playing their hearts out right now–be showing so poorly in the All-Star vote? Only David Wright has a chance to win the fan vote now, but he’s still firmly in second place, almost 200,000 votes behind the Phillies’ Placido Polanco. Argh. Are we really going to let the Phils fans eclipse our David?

But more, let’s just go and show our boys that we’re pulling for them. Our votes don’t have to get all of them to the All-Star game, but it feels like the right way to say “We’re with you, and we love what you’re doing.” Unfortunately Daniel Murphy and Carlos Beltran have taken the spots on the ballot that Ike Davis and Angel Pagan deserve, but I took turns writing Ike and Angel in as I registered my 25 allowable votes. How cool would it be if Mets fans mobilized in these final couple weeks to put Ike Davis ahead of other first basemen just as a write-in? And how good would Rod Barajas feel to see his vote tally rise in appreciation of the heart he’s shown? As long as Jeff Francoeur’s beard has hits in it, he’ll resemble ZZ Top before he shaves, so go cheer for streak beard. Jose Reyes missed some time, and he was slow getting back, but man has he been preternaturally good lately–let’s get him some votes to show for it.

If you didn’t click the link above, do so here for the All-Star ballot. To vote multiple times, you’ll have to enter separate authorization codes, but the ballot remembers your votes, so you’ll only have to click once for our Mets. Don’t forget to write in Ike Davis and Angel Pagan. This one’s for fan pride. Tell your team that you’re rooting for them. Let’s make a showing. Let’s get loud. And Let’s go Mets.

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Picture 9.png


  1. ceetar

    on the AL-side, I’ve been voting for guys that’ll keep the Yankees out. Morneau to keep Texiera out (and rightly so)

    I doubt Aldrus or Pedroia can overtake Jeter or Cano, but if I have to cast a vote anyway..

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