New Metsiness at Citi!

Finally, no one puts Apple in a corner!

P1000915.JPGA gleaming, bright day has left me sun-drunk and woozy, but for those who missed the pre-season workout at Citi today, I’m pleased to tell you there are Metsy goodies there waiting just for you!

For pics of Work Out Day and many of the Metsy new changes to Citi Field, check out the full album here.

What a joy it was to marvel at the new Hall of Fame Museum. Some of the best goodies you can imagine are now displayed for all to see. Gil Hodges contract, Casey Stengel’s own informative notes, 60s memorabilia, Tommy Agee’s 1969 World Series Game 3 glove, the famous 1969 shoe polish ball, Tom Seaver’s 1966 minor league contract, Daryl Strawberry’s scouting report, Gary Carter’s first game, home run game-winning bat, one of Keith Hernandez’a Gold Gloves, the original Mr. Met, the World Series Championship trophies and rings, rows of commemorative plaques, and more. Please don’t miss it!


Also notice the lineup cards now positioned exactly where they should be, prominently over the escalators at the top of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda.
P1000807.JPG And oh, there were players too! Our actual Mets, working out on the field. Jeff Francoeur is officially one of my favorite Mets now, if not my very favorite in 2010. Not only does he play all out, but he’s just so joyful! He’s a joy to watch, to have around (it seems), and just the best addition to that clubhouse since Johan Santana. He threw ball caps to the fans, and he was one of the few to make eye contact with us.



Throw in some Mets friends after a long season away, and you’re looking at a group of people thrilled to be back at Citi Field, and even more thrilled that the park now pays a more fitting tribute to the team that makes us all bleed blue and orange!


One comment

  1. joed86

    Thanks for a great post and for sharing all these great pics. It’s like the next best thing to actually being there. I’m so glad that they did such a wonderful job and I cant wait to finally visit the museum myself.

    Joe D – MMO

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