Newsday on Gary Keith and Ron: A bright modern era

Always glad to see the media appreciating Gary, Keith, and Ron as much as we viewers do. A great article on the chemistry and craft of our modern-day Bob Murphy, Ralph Kiner, and Lindsey Nelson.

And right this instant, with Grapefruit League games officially about to start, the dulcet sounds of GKR fill my apartment, and I’m about to see our boys play for the first time in 2010. Let’s go Mets!

(Click for a larger, readable version of the image below)

image.jpgThank you, Lynn, for sharing!!



  1. dyhrdmet

    I grew up listening to Bob Murphy and Gary Cohen on the radio. Looking back, it was a blending of the generations for a generation of baseball. But today, Gary, Keith, and Ron are the best broadcast team in all of baseball.

    Gary, Keith, and Kevin Burkhardt were all nominated for NY Emmys for On Air Talent: Sports Play-by-play, Sports Analyst, and Sports Reporter respectively. Ronnie won in 2006.

  2. jpkmets

    I miss Murph — we took off work to go to his memorial at St. Paddy’s and pay respects when he passed. Very beloved man. Very moving day.

    Go 2010 Mets.

    This is just a fantastic blog, btw. Never saw it until tonight!

    Keep on writing!

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