Mets Photo Day: Reports, pics, video

On game days at Citi Field, no matter what’s going on during the game, one is bound to be amused by some of the pictures that pop up on the Diamondvision for every at bat. One of my favorites is the slow turn–when the player starts in profile then slowly turns his face to the camera. Just like Zoolander! I call that “The GQ.” For others, you can almost imagine the photographer prompting: “Okay, no smile now. You’re fierce, determined. Now try awkward smile, no, no, that’s too genuine. Make it more uncomfortable. Now let’s get a big grin, show some teeth. Small grin? Okay, that’ll work, we’ll take it.”

So you can imagine how delighted I’ve been so see our intrepid fellow Mets bloggers capture the essence of Photo Day while in Port St. Lucie. I couldn’t resist sharing some of the best tidbits here, with you.

69928961.jpgMetsblog’s Michael Baron has gotten some great footage, which he’s
graciously shared in his flickr spring training set, starting here, with Ike Davis. My favorites include this shot, at left, of Josh Thole, Alex Cora and Mike Jacobs palling around, and Oliver Perez doing his best Daniel-san.

Mets Police also posted a great pic of Johan, who looks cool posing for what might turn out to be one of those amusing headshots.

Michael Baron also caught a great moment when Jose Reyes’ backdrop malfunctioned, which you can see toward the beginning of his excellent February 27th video. I recommend watching the whole 7+ minutes, but in the beginning you’ll also see a pretty cool pre-SNY camera moment between David Wright and Matt Cerrone. David asks how long Matt’ll be in town, among some other basic chitchat. They’re not yukking it up like best friends, but it’s interesting to see their interaction before the official cameras start rolling:

And, of course, there’s Matt’s own brief behind-the-scenes video from photo day.

I have been glued to PSL coverage from all sides, and it’s massive and non-stop. But two player profiles that shouldn’t get lost in the bulk are an excellent 3-page sit-down with David Wright by Adam Rubin, and this truly eye-opening story on Jason Bay and the difficulties he faced getting to the majors, by Brian Costa. You won’t regret reading either.



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