Get your batting helmet Friday

Batting helmet! It’s almost like they anticipated we’d be going to Citi Field more for the giveaways and the food…I can’t wait to get mine Friday night. I have no idea where I will wear it, but you can imagine the fun I may be having with it here…

harrahs_helmet_180x150.jpgn520638873_414311_5953.jpgZoë and batting? The first time I swung a bat was in April, ’08 in the Citizen Bank Park parking lot. Matty Cerrone was teaching me wiffle ball before he pulled a hammy (and Ollie got the win). The second time was on a date at the Chelsea Piers batting cages. I did 3 rounds of slow-pitch soft ball, 20-40 mph. On my best round I hit 8 out of 10, all headed foul. But still, first time! And now that I’ll have a batting helmet, maybe it won’t be the last!

Then again, maybe not. My hands hurt.

Picture 032m.jpg

(What, you don’t wear a purse when you play wiffle ball?)


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