K-Rod and Billy Wagner: A conversation

P1060886.JPGI will post more about today’s very fun game at a later time. But for now, attention must be paid to the bobblehead rivalry between K-Rod, ’09, and Billy Wagner, ’08. Two closers. Two disappointing years. Two figurines with wobbly heads.

The two closers had a spirited confrontation after today’s game, brought to you exclusively here.


(It sounds like I’m saying “Jonathan Papelbaum.” What, did I want to make him Jewish?)

And speaking of pitchers, look who’s home?!
I missed you John Maine, and I cross all my fingers for your return outing hopefully on Sunday.



  1. coopz22

    I think you need a disclaimer to evacuate your bladder before watching this video. HILARIOUS!!!!!!! You are either bat-sh** crazy or just a genius, man. GENIUS!!!!!

  2. vtmet@yahoo.com

    Zoe…you might want to update your “Read about me” section…it still reads “When not at Shea screaming her head off, Zoë writes. A lot. “…

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