Two Mets events, featuring Faith and Fear’s Greg and Metsblog Matty

Last week (aka a hundred years ago in blogland) I attended two Mets bloggery events where the fans were all enthusiasm even as our Metsies were continuing to play understaffed. This season, the disabled list is the new black.

Despite the near DEATH of my computer, which is now just mostly dead (a la Princess Bride and JJ Putz’s elbow), I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t share the pics with you!

Picture 050tb.jpgFirst up was a trip to the Lower East Side to visit a bastion of Metsiness that I didn’t know existed: Two Boots Tavern. Two Boots Pizza I knew about–I remember way back in the 80s when it opened in my hometown neighborhood of Park Slope, and I knew the owner is a Mets fan. But I didn’t know there was this enclave with baseball cards lining the walls, Mets banners flying, and a mural including an afrotastic 70s style lady Mets fan. Rock on.

Picture 049tb.jpgPicture 045tb.jpg

Picture 043tb.jpgWhat a fitting place, then, to attend a book reading featuring the biggest Mets fan you will ever know. No really, he’s it. Read the book and you’ll have to agree. The fan in question is the blogosphere’s own beloved Greg Prince, of Faith and Fear in Flushing. Here’s where I’m being given the perfect opportunity to review his book, which I am allllmost done with. I’ve been reading it during Mets moments–on the 7 train to Citi, during commercials of game broadcasts, and it’s been a great companion piece to Metsy fun (and fury). However, I am strapped for time right now, and so I will give you my solemn oath to review it soon. Picture 044tb.jpgFor now, you may see the pictures of Greg, his blog partner Jason, Coop, Dana Brand, and Mets By the Numbers author Jon Springer, who also read from his blog-turned-book, all about the history of the Mets as told through their uniform numbers. Fun stuff. You may also want to check out the third book, a recent reprint called A Magic Summer: The Amazin’ Story of the 1969 New York Mets.

Oh and hey, speaking of…Mets, Orioles, 40th year anniversary. Surely we’d have a repeat performance by our amazin’ Mets, squeaking out a victory that Thursday night and not at all blowing a save with the best closer in baseball. Surely. Or not… So let’s focus on the reading then, an evening of Mets bloggers and writers and pizza and beer and booze and cool Mets t-shirts. Enjoy.
Picture 051tb.jpg
Picture 055tb.jpgPicture 052tb.jpg

Picture 056tb.jpg

Picture 062tb.jpgPicture 060tb.jpg
Picture 065tb.jpg
Picture 064tb.jpg

Picture 059tb.jpgOh, and I made these two dudes (I asked nicely) pose tog
ether to show off two of the most popular unofficial shirts floating around the Mets onliniverse, ImKeithHernandez and No Mas’s I’m Calling it Shea. So if you’ve seen them, and you’ve wondered, now you know!

                           * * * * *

Picture 072ht.jpgThe next night would see me and Coop (The Mets Divas, of course) joining Matty Cerrone at a sort of SNY, sort of Metsblog viewing party at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone in Times Square. We had a fun time–the drinks were good (as they should be at $12 each), the company great (Dykstraw made an appearance early on too), and the Mets actually won. Yay!

I voted for our bartender, Missy, for the bikini contest, and yes, I’ll show you her picture here. She was very nice, but lost to the girl who “always wins,” because she goes to every table soliciting votes. Boo.

My favorite moment was when a Metsblog groupie approached Matt with a cell phone. “Dude, would you say hi to my friend’s voicemail? He’ll flip. He’ll just flip.” Matt held the phone, said “Hi,” then gave it back. And then I took a picture of him. So this is Matt’s “Yeah, yeah, I know you’re ribbing me” expression. One I know and love–and he takes it well.

Picture 073ht.jpgPicture 074ht.jpg

Picture 076ht.jpg
Picture 068.jpg
Picture 075ht.jpg
Picture 077ht.jpg

That last photo may well be the blog debut of a behind the scenes superstar–someone responsible for many hours of your blog enjoyment, though you might not know it. He’s John, the proprietor of BlogHarbor, which hosts both Metsblog and Faith and Fear in Flushing. Matt credits him as making his whole shebang possible. John, it was great to meet you!

Okeedoke, game’s about to begin now. Which I keep thinking is a rubber game against the Cardinals even though there’s one more tomorrow. What are we now, 0-100 in rubber games this year? Headed to the Blind Pig to watch me some ball…


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