Twitter with Delgado

twitterdelgado.jpgMlblogs verifies that this is Carlos Delgado’s official Twitter feed, carlosdelgado21. He’s not the most prolific updater, but I enjoyed June 3rd’s “Nothing really
exciting about being hurt, most days are pretty slow and boring but
therapy is going well. Good spirits all the time!!” And June 2nd “
Right at 2 weeks after surgery, recovery and rehab are going very well!!”

Keep letting us know how it goes, Carlos! I think good news about your rehab will be welcomed happily by all. Carlos himself counts among the Twitter feeds he follows, Danny Glover, Brooke Burke, the Zappos CEO, NPR, and–I do not kid–Wil Wheaton. Wil Wheaton?? Well, okay…

And so, by the way, I am also on the Twitter, @ZoeHelena. In truth I’m not a huge enthusiast, but feel free to follow if you like.

Mostly I’m waiting for the Delgado tweet that says “OMG you guyz, hip totally fine! Wherez my bat?!!”


  1. pickmeup

    oh that reminds me i had a screenshot of him without the goatee to download. But I haven’t seen the hair! Maybe he’s growing it to be more like Wil.

  2. nikki73

    Could be..I saw him on last week’s Mets Weekly at that fundraiser (Richard’s in CT). It was very short, but definitely not the clean shaven head we’re so used to seeing.

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