Pics from the *good* game at Yankee Stadium

I started writing this entry on Sunday, when score was 11-0–and not the good kind of 11-0–in the 4th inning (for reals? 4th??) of the rubber game of the Mets-Yankees subway series. Then it got worse. I typed “brb” to the blog and went into the kitchen to stick my head in the oven.

YanksZoeEric3.jpgBut now it’s Tuesday. The oven door is firmly shut. A new series is just starting literally right now. Come on Big Pelf! Let’s go, Metsies! And as for the subway series, we’ll focus on Saturday’s game, shall we? Thankfully, that’s the one I saw in person, a crisp, rainy, and yet wonderful Saturday at Yankee Stadium with Pick Me Up Some Mets friend, Eric. Click here to see all the pics from Yankee Stadium, where Eric and I got into not one single fight with opposing fans–but that didn’t stop the Mets fans around us. Oh we saw some doozies. Apparently we were in the beligerent section–wayyyyy in left field, 4th row from the back. Really, we could almost touch the very back of the very top of the stadium. But we didn’t. You know, ’cause of Yankees cooties.

Picture 043fy.jpgBut we were sheltered from the rain, and in truth the seats were total fun. I really like the way the field is laid out, with broad tiered sections that surprisingly must give lots of great seats, since ours were some of the worst and we liked ’em just fine. The rest of the ballpark? I mean, it’s okay. I don’t dislike it. It’s just…well, in truth, it’s not all that special.

We entered into the great hall entrance, with the banners and the high ceilings and the feeling of nice, airy space. Okay, I can dig it. But hey, Yankee Stadium, what’s with your tons of tiny cramped concrete industrial looking hallways? We kept thinking we were in the areas that were supposed to be behind the scenes, like the hallways at Shea that led to the broadcast booth, past the Diamond Club.

Picture 003fy.jpg
Picture 001ye.jpgOur first stop, and our first narrow hallway, led to Monument Park (expect a line). And Monument Park is fine–it’s historic, it’s all bronzy, has some flowers, some stately brick and granite going on, it’s perfectly nice. But I don’t think we were blown away. Still, it’s a necessary photo op. I gotta say, though, those bronze likenesses are just not the most flattering. Every forehead crease looks deeper, and what’s with those creepy looking bronze teeth? But it’s a fun little stop. I posed with Babe Ruth and Casey Stengel, and Lou Gehrig seems to flatter Eric, no? (I think he really just wanted a pic with the dude in white.)

Picture 006fye.jpg
Picture 005fyz.jpg

Picture 011.jpg
Picture 004fy.jpg

Our next order of business, of course, was getting fed. I believe I chose the wrong option. I was dazzled by the idea of sliders–I love sliders!–and chose the buffalo chicken option. Mmmm, spicy chicken sliders. Eh, not so much. Clearly I have been spoiled by the beauty and wonder of Blue Smoke. Take a look at my sliders, which were poorly advertised as “spicy,” and tell me if you are more impressed than I. The real winner of the day was Eric’s choice, the garlic fries. Crispy and very, very garlicky, you can smell them all over the ballpark. With all that garlic, methinks Yankee Stadium need not worry about an impending vampire attack any time soon.

Picture 027fyg.jpg
Picture 030fy.jpg

 Other options include a deli corner, an Asian noodle nook, and a butcher. Right there behind a glass window, all zoo-like. Look at the beef man slicing Lobel’s steak for the sandwich stand right there. A rare breed, the butcher.

Picture 024fy.jpg
Picture 022fy.jpg

Picture 026fyl.jpg
Meanwhile, there were more PMUSM friends to be found in the ballpark–Coop! We found Coop at the Tommy Bahama’s bar area of the park, a narrow, semi-enclosed spot where they have some delicious looking drinks. Mojitos! And big blue slushy looking things! I tried Coop’s, and let me tell you, that big blue slush is not for the weak of liver.

As for the below, I never thought I’d see Coop and I posing with pictures of Yankees in the background!

Picture 033ycz.jpg
Picture 034yze.jpg

Picture 031fy.jpg

Picture 020yze.jpgDespite what happened the game before…and the game after…Saturday’s game was really quite fun, with Fernando Nieve earning a standing ovation, going longer and stronger than anyone expected. And with a very unblown save by K-Rod, followed by his signature raised arms.

And okay, fine. Maybe Eric and I punched out one little Yankee. But don’t feel bad for the creepy statue. I totally punch like a girl.
Picture 045fy.jpg
Picture 065fy.jpg

Picture 079fy.jpg


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