Off to Yankee Stadium today…

I’m gonna guess that most if not all of you haven’t been reading this blog from day one. So perhaps you don’t know that although you should definitely classify me as die-hard now, I was not always a Mets fan. In 2003, when asked about baseball, I would have said, “I’d root for either team, I’m a native New Yorker.” WRONG ANSWER, Zoë!

Picture 046rz.jpgSo if you’re interested in seeing how I became a Mets fan, read this from June 2006. I started out a Mets girlfriend, but by 2006 I was a true fan in my own right, and you’ll see a bit how I got there. Kudos (or really, painful laser darts from my eyes) to Rob for getting me to Shea for the first time. He was a great Mets boyfriend for 4 years, and we remain the poster children for post-breakup friendship (see left for evidence).

Point of all this? Oh, you were there. You saw it. Last night was the worst regular-season-non-season-ending loss I’ve seen yet as a Mets fan. I was watching with a new member of my Mets circle, Eric, whom we love. We were at Landsdowne Road, aka “The Beer Money Bar,” and we were surrounded by Mets fans, and it was awesome. And I actually said, “Come on, K-Rod, just get him to pop up!” And then he did. And I jumped on the bench, grabbed Eric’s shoulders in excitement (sorry, Eric), and was about to jump up and down uncontrollably–what a great game! So back and forth, but we hung in there and…and…AND…

Are you kidding me???
But how…!
No, no, no, no, no. That’s not possible. Rewind. Try again.
Please? Please try again?

                                                        * * * * *

Today I go, again with Eric, to Yankee Stadium in a different mood than I would have otherwise. Swagger? What’s that? But I’m determined to have fun. Hear me? Determined. So let’s put last night out of our minds as much as we can. You’ll see pics tomorrow of me and Eric frolicking around Yankee Stadium, touring the goods, wearing our Mets gear, and cheering on our boys. I’m not going to boo Luis Castillo. And though it still feels a bit weird, I’ve been practicing my “Come on, Nieve! Let’s go Nieve!”

Even if it’s not easy, let’s all make sure–the team, the fans, all together now–that today is a better day.



  1. nikki73

    After last night’s debacle, I’m not sure I’d be able to go into Yankee Stadium today. I’ll be watching back home with my own contingent of Yankees fans (yes, I’m the only Mets fan in my family). I’m sure you’ll represent us Mets fans well! Have fun and bring the boys lots of hits, runs, smart baserunning and errorless plays! –Nicole

  2. bosoxrockx

    Ugh, needless to say I wasn’t happy the yankees won, but my god, if I was a mets fan right now, I would be absolutely livid! I’ll be rooting for you guys the rest of interleague!

  3. voyager2000a

    I’ve been a Mets fan for years, and have seen some similar disapointments; the team is taking the right road to recovery. No pointing fingers, pick up the man who fell, dust him off and go back out and show them what you’re made of… that’s exactly what the Mets did. I must say that I hope the Yankees don’t fall too far behind… before you blast me, and tell me that I’m not really a Mets fan, let me explain…. Nirvana for me is a Mets / Yankees world series that lasts 7 games with the Mets winning in extra innings at their last at bat. In order for that to happen, both Mets and Yanks have to do well during the season. I’m ecstatic that the mets have taken one from the yanks in this series, and that philly is falling, but after the mets leave this weekend, I hope the Yanks pick themselves up and the Red Sox slide back down. This year, more than any other, would be great to have a Subway series in the new ballparks with the Mets being victorious… how sweet would it be to be able to say that the METS won the first World Series played at Yankee Stadium! NIRVANA! LET’S GO METS!

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