Coop and Zoe do DC, and it will never be the same again

Picture 022fzcw.jpgThis past Saturday morning saw me and Coop headed toward DC to support our Mets for the last two games of what we’ll call not their best road trip. Do you see us there at Nationals Ballpark? Holding yard-long frozen margaritas? With the smiles? Oh, Citi. Oh, if you only had refreshing frozen beverages for us to enjoy during the game! Honestly, I’m a 1-drink at the ballpark gal, if even that, and I don’t like beer. But I will tell you Citi Field is missing out on a gold mine here with the frozen margaritas. I am sure, like me and Coop, every fan would be responsible and have only one…

For the complete trip photo album, with shots of the ballpark, close-ups of the players at BP and during the game, and pics of us frolicking fans and bloggers, click here!

I was all excited to see my boy John Maine pitch. Ay, Johnny. But I don’t know why Jerry Manuel was going on after the game about dead arm. It was obvious John Maine had lost a bit of weight from his stomach flu, he looked on the pale side, and buddy Tracy saw him leaning over and a lot and spitting in the bullpen before the game. Hopefully he’ll be fully recovered and effective once more come his next start.

Picture 018fcw.jpgNow on to more fun topics like–ooh!–the ballpark itself. What a fun spot to watch a game. There’s a lovely open feeling to the park, a lot of cool baseball-related art–statues and mobiles, columns with paintings of historic players on them–and, of course, there are the presidents. We love the presidents. It’s possible I molested Lincoln a little, but it’s not like he was complaining. As for refreshments, I devoured the delicious giant chicken nachos and Italian gelato (chocolate hazelnut, mmmm). And everyone (except for one bartender, boo him and his stank attitude) was just the nicest person you could ever meet. The people who work at Nationals Ballpark are awesome. They greet you with smiles every step of the way, they offer to take pictures of you and your friends–and then take like a million of them until they get it just right–and they’re just super polite and friendly.

Picture 062fzl.jpgPicture 020fzl.jpg 
Picture 024fw.jpgPicture 023fw.jpgPicture 021fct.jpg

Picture 060fpw.jpgNot to mention the company we had at the ballpark. Mets bloggers were representing hard core. We had Metsie and Mrs. Metsie, Danielle from The Wright Stuff and her best bud Andrew, frequent Pick Me Up Some Mets guest stars Tracy and her son Ryan, and a drive-by hello from Dykstraw and Lady Dykstraw.

Mets fans were everywhere at the ballpark, and all over DC. I assure you New Yorkers took over our capital for the entire series. For the most part, we were friendly and well-behaved. We commiserated together during the loss and celebrated the win. I’m guessing Mets gear outnumbered Nats gear by two to one 🙂

At BP, some of the Mets were nice enough to sign autographs, but I missed the 2 I really wanted! Johan Santana was signing–he put his glove on his head so he could use 2 hands. Very cute. And Daniel Murphy signed for the fans juuuuust to the left of me. I just missed him! But I got Jerry Manuel and Brian Stokes. Brian Stokes, by the way? Super nice, the nicest Met to us by far. It’s possible I yelled out “Brian Stokes! I’d use you more!” before he lifted an arm in appreciation and signed my cap. And after I shouted “Razor Shines, you rock!” he was sure to toss me a ball, which Danielle expertly caught for me.

Picture 067.jpg
Picture 061fkw.jpg

Picture 134fw.jpg

Picture 153fjw.jpg

Picture 157fzw.jpg
Picture 176fmw.jpg

Picture 240fmw.jpgPicture 285fgw.jpgCoop and I stayed at quite a nice hotel! We’d gotten a fantastic rate by booking early, and I recommend the Fairfax at Embassy Row highly. Embassy Row is beautiful, perhaps the prettiest part I’ve seen of DC. Nationals Ballpark? Not in the prettiest part of DC. But it overlooks water, which I have to say is a helluva lot prettier than our Willets Point chop shops.

Here are some shots of our lovely little corner of DC. But don’t miss the full album, which has tons more pictures of our Mets, and a guest appearance by Kevin Burkhardt filming the pregame show. When I waved hi, he said (having seen on Twitter), “You took the bus?” I yelled back, “Yup, it was okay. I’m not that fancy.” He smiled and said, “I know!” Ha. You gotta love KB!

Picture 010fzh.jpg
Picture 016fczw.jpg

Picture 015zh.jpg


  1. coopz22

    Give some love to the Chop Shops!! hee hee. I don’t remember if I was telling you this or Danielle and Andrew but I felt like I was at a giant minor league stadium there. But turns out Greg from FAFIF wrote almost the same exact thing after his trip last year that I did when I got back this year. Eagads. I gotta get my pics up. But with the game tonight, a concert last night, I won’t be able to do mine till manana.

  2. nikki73

    Sounds like a blast! I’m hoping to get down there at some point (even if it’s just for that margarita!).


    Hey, the Fairfax! Very nice place, I stay there often when I’m visiing family in DC area. Yes, Embassy Row is one of prettiest parts of town. Great pics, thanks for sharing.

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