Rained out game means…meeting the players!

Not me. Oh, how I wish it had been me too! But Pick Me Up Some Mets friend Tracy and her son Ryan were in Pittsburgh to catch the game last night, when the rain started coming down, the game got canceled, and they instead wound up in the same hotel restaurant as many of our favorite Mets! Thanks to Tracy for sharing her pics with us! Below you’ll see David Wright, Daniel Murphy, Gary Sheffield, Omir Santos, Fernando Tatis, and Jeremy Reed–and of course Tracy and Ryan. Tracy reports that all our Metsies were charming and delightful, and Daniel Murphy’s trademark dry humor was present in full effect. When they told him they’d come from New York, D-Murph deadpanned, “So did I.” You’ll also notice that D-Wright has traded his pastel polo shirts from a couple years back for something a bit edgier. If that’s all that’s changed since his $50 million plus contract, then he’s still the David we all know and love! Enjoy, and thanks again to Tracy.




  1. rubes413@yahoo.com

    I said it before after seeing him up close on San Francisco, but the picture above confirms it – Jeremy Reed is hot!

  2. drtmuir@earthlink.net

    You know, these days, the Affliction T is what the old-school polo used to be (I remember seeing Roger McDowell on the LIRR in a yellow polo– he was riding in the first car, gleefully looking out the front window, like a little kid). Once everyone’s wearing something, it’s not “edgy” anymore. If David now doubled back to the pastel polo, then that would be “edgy,” especially if he wore it “ironically.” 😉 🙄

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