You never quite lose that Metsy feeling

I’ve written the beginning of about 3 separate entries now that keep becoming irrelevant before I can finish them. So let’s start again, shall we? And we’ll save the other stuff (Delgado shaved his goatee! David tongues his bats! Did you see that Times article about the food?) for a happier time.

This evening started so well. Yes, last night’s loss was a toughie. Oy, Putz. I’d forgotten how frustrating that feeling can be in your stomach–the one where you’re watching it go downhill, a 5 run lead, just given away! It can only be described as the Bullpen ’08 Dread. We’d been kept apart, mostly, that feeling and us Mets fans, for most of the season. But boy does it sting, even if it’s getting rarer. Still, tonight was going to make up for it. Johan! And the Pirates! There’s no way Johan loses to the Pirates. That’s like Woody Allen knocking out Evander Holyfield.

Picture 1018.jpgBut more, I would be joined by two of my favorite new Metsy friends, Eric and Mets Weekly host Julie Alexandria whom, by the way, we love. Eric brings an impish sense of humor and a smile that lights up a room, and Julie is just born to be everyone’s best girlfriend. It’s impossible not to like her. Add Johan and bar drinks to the itinerary, and the night was guaranteed to be winner.

But you never quite lose that Metsy feeling. The company was winning, yes. The game, not so much. I’m still not quite sure what happened. I have it on DVR, but when I got home all I wanted to watch was something else, something entertaining. So now I’ve got Baby Mama on in the background. Oh, Tina Fey, you are so funny and soothing.

I’m not overreacting. Tomorrow I’ll be my usual sunny self, and yes, I will believe that it’s only June 3rd, and I’ll be sure that the Mets will go on a winning streak and put the Phillies in their place and give us something to be proud of. But for tonight, I’m nursing a wound. As I left the bar with Eric (Julie left early in order to prepare for a morning Mets Weekly shoot tomorrow–how professional!), I shook my head. “They tease you–they get you so excited by winning the big games, but then they just throw away the gimmies.” Eric nodded, “And then you realize at the end of the season that they all count the same.”

So for now, I’m stewing over two stupid losses. Hoping they’re not *the* two stupid losses that wind up hurting us in September. But also knowing that tomorrow, or the next week, our team will start winning the exciting games again. The guys we least expect to will make the diving catch or drive in the winning run. They’ll be there for us, they’ll lift us up.

And I’ll forget that Metsie feeling one more time.



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