GKR Mother’s Day! With Gary, Ronnie, Kevin, cutest Logan ever, and more!

Oh dear, I didn’t mean to disappear! And in the meantime, the Mets were up, up, up with a stellar winning streak, then down, down, down with gutting injuries and frustrating, unnecessary losses. And I will catch up after this entry and start blogging in real time again! But for now, we step to the past, to Mother’s Day, so I can share pics of one of the best GaryKeithandRon events yet. Make sure to check out the full album here!

Tracy2.JPGOn the heels of the first GKR Empire Party Suites event a Citi Field came the 2nd extravaganza of the year, for Mother’s Day. Oh, we had so much fun! And on this day for families, I was joined by my parents, for their first major league ballgame in…well…over 40 years. Each GKR event has been a total blast, so go buy your tickets for Father’s Day, which will be in the Modell’s Clubhouse, separated from the outfield by only a chain-link fence! 

If you’re a fan of our beloved SNY announcers, you’ve just got to make it to a GKR event. Almost always present are Gary, Ronnie, and Kevin Burkhardt, and they are so gracious with fans, sharing laughs and taking pictures and signing autographs. And for Mother’s Day, we got the bonus of some of their families–and oh, they’re great families. I will admit I am a little bit in love with Gary’s mom, Joyce. And seeing her in the shirt with the slogan I penned for GKR, “I wait for Gary’s call,” was hilarious and perfect. Game ball goes to Joyce for wholeheartedly trying to get my parents to love baseball. Mom and Dad had a great time, and I’m sure they’d like to return to the ballpark again. But at heart, they just aren’t ball folks. As Ronnie said (and I paraphrase), “That’s okay, we need the non-baseball people for the other stuff!” Indeed we do!

Picture 026f.jpgPicture 023f.jpg

Picture 030f.jpg

Picture 031lj.jpg

Can you guess who was the enchanter of the day? The little tyke who made friends everywhere he ran–and oh can he run!–racking up surrogate big brothers right and left? Why, Logan, of course! The famously adorable Logan Burkhardt, whose parents are two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. He’s getting big! And his smile will melt you.

Picture 039kf.jpgPicture 012fb.jpg

Picture 146f.jpg
Picture 098rf.jpg

I can only stress that there are more delightful pics in the album, including my folks, Gary and Ronnie, Lynn, Kevin, close ups of the players on the field, and some Pick Me Up Some Mets friends you may recognize. Check it out!


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