Santana Grip and Citi Keith placeholder

I’ve gotten so behind in posting, alas, and I’ve got a doozy of a post to do tomorrow showcasing all the heaps of fun and excitement we had at the GKR Mother’s Day event at Citi Field–and there will be loads of special guests for you to see!

But for now, when your spirits might be dampened by our first loss in 9 games, I give you fun things to look at. First, Johan Santana’s change up grip. A thing of beauty, right down to the manicured fingernails.

And then, enjoy some shots of Keith Hernandez broadcasting from around Citi Field, having a laugh and a grand old, security-detailed, I’m Keith Hernandezy time.

Picture 895.jpg
Picture 893.jpg

Picture 894.jpg

One comment

  1. popejonash

    Hey Zoe, I wish you could help the team Pick Me Up so Runs for Johan.Awww, Keith looks like he’s having so much fun. I’m really loving SNY feeds this year. I’ve tuned in to some of the other teams’ broadcasts so far and, biased as I may be, the Mets have the best team in the business. Ash

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