Pics: Doc Gooden at Mo’s then awesome seats at Citi!

There’s Doc Gooden in in the middle of a bunch of Modell’s customers who will soon all be off on a bus to Citi Field to sit in the Mo’s Zone in right-to-right center field. I would be off to the game too, but in different seats!

I can’t lie–the “event” was rather anemic. Mitchell Modell talked to us a bit, Doc took the mike for about two minutes, and then the Modell’s fan bunch posed for a group pic with Doc before heading on the bus.

Picture 010y.jpgBut I got some cool pics, and so I’ll share them here! A few other bloggerati were there too, including Coop of My Summer Family, Corey of Metsie, John of Metstradamus, and Adam of Brooklyn Met Fan. Check out their links on the right-hand sidebar!

After the group photo op with Doc, I threw my camera at Coop, snuck in at his side, and ambushed in a pic with him. Looks like that chick on the other side had the same idea. Too bad I don’t look better in it!

Picture 021y.jpgPicture 035y.jpg

I went straight from the event to Citi Field, where I had some time to kill before Tracy came with the tickets, so I took a couple pictures of funny fan bricks…and a funny man. Coop says she’s seen him at Shea before; I have not. He’s…colorful. And so is his poor dog. Anyone else seen this character before?

Picture 036f.jpg
Picture 037f.jpg

Picture 041f.jpg
Picture 040f.jpg

When Tracy arrived, and she got the tickets she had been offered–for free!–we realized they weren’t in the 500s, as we all thought. They were on field level. My seat was Section 125 (flush with 2nd), row 8. I have never sat 8 rows back at a baseball game before. I was in heaven. As Dykstraw said, “Don’t curse, we’re in the classy seats.”

So here are some pics from last night’s (Wednesday’s) game, the 2nd ever at Citi Field, with Good Ollie on the mound and an exciting win from our boys. (As I write this, the team ends what I thought might just be a 9th inning rally to win tonight’s game. Alas, John Maine looked great to begin with, but had a nasty inning there. The boys could make it up to us next series with a sweep!)

Click here for the full Wednesday photo album–lots of cool, close-up pics of the players and the ballpark!

Picture 054f.jpg
Picture 058f.jpg

Picture 065f.jpg

Picture 072f.jpgPicture 067f.jpgPicture 066f.jpg

Picture 080f.jpg

Picture 097f.jpg
Picture 122f.jpg
Picture 159f.jpg

Picture 173f.jpgPicture 176f.jpg

We also checked out the Acela Club briefly, and it’s certainly an attractive place to eat a meal, and if you can catch a spot near the window a decent place to watch the game. But all in all, I preferred watching the game outside. Still, here are some pics for the curious!

Picture 135f.jpgPicture 134f.jpgPicture 131f.jpg

Picture 136f.jpg
Picture 139f.jpg


  1. ceetar

    I’m upset I didn’t get a picture when I was walking in yesterday, but there is a brick, more towards the right site, that says “Step on me for a Mets win”

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