Pics from Matty’s Metsblog Opening day party

Picture 871mb.jpgDespite weather woes in Cincinnati and a whole morning spent thinking opening day wouldn’t happen, it’s official. We have baseball, people! And we had revelry as well. Matty’s opening day party at Public House was a blast. We cheered on Johan and D-Murph (how ’bout that bat, eh?). And then–oh man! We collectively held our breaths when Santana was pulled after 5 and 2/3 innings…and then we watched something extraordinary happen. The bullpen…our bullpen!….actually held a one-run lead for over 3 innings, giving Johan the win. Remember that word, Johan? Win!

Instead of counting how many men we left on base throughout, I will share with you some pics of our bloggerati gang. You’ll see Metsie, Coop of My Summer Family, Will of Smear the Q.u.e.e.r (ugh, obscenity filter, really?), Dykstraw of our Divas and Dykstraw, and of course “TV’s Matt Cerrone” as we affectionately call him–and a guest appearance by’s own Ted Berg. Make sure to check out their links on the right sidebar!

Picture 853mb.jpg
Picture 856mb.jpg
Picture 857mb.jpg

Picture 858mb.jpg
Picture 861mb.jpg
Picture 863mb.jpg

Have you noticed my new Mets dress? It was made just for me by Kate Goldwater at AuH2O Designs. I first saw her work when she was profiled on Mets Weekly last year. Then, when I got the huge “Shea 08” giveaway tee last year, I thought–ooh, dress! Kate makes tops and dresses from existing t-shirts and jerseys too! So if you have old Mets tees or items that you no longer wear or don’t fit, or whatever, Kate can make them into awesome women’s clothing. If you’re a dude, this would make a great gift for your Mets loving girlfriends, wives and sisters–or for a girlfriend-type whom perhaps you’re trying to get more into baseball. Kate’s prices are entirely reasonable. She works for $25 per hour, and a typical dress takes an hour to an hour and a half, tops take about an hour. If you like the neckline of my dress below, ask for the “Zoë!”

Picture 859mb.jpgPicture 865mb.jpg

Here’s Kate’s YouTube Channel, including her spot on Mets Weekly! For further information, contact Kate at




    Great, Zoe, I wish I could have been there.
    On MetsBlog, Matt has embedded the vid cap of Johan’s “handshake parade” down the Mets bench before yesterday’s game. It was more than awesome, and it apparently worked!

  2. Degree Pending

    I’m still thinking about what to do with my Shea ’08 giveaway shirt. I was thinking tent.

  3. raysrenegade

    That is too cool.
    I will have to have one of those parties one of these days. I have not even thought about something as great as that.
    I just go to the team’s watch parties and squeal like the rest of the fans.
    But then, We know that people who follow the Mets can be fashion and party ambassadors.
    You are giving me great ideas now.

    Rays Renegade


    Thanks for the plug, Zoe! I will be stealing all of these photos to use on my blog as well…

  5. popejonash

    Hey Zoe, I’ll be in the States from June or July. Can I get an invite to the next party? 🙂 I’m English, so everyone will love me for sure 🙂 Ash

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