Friday April 3, the Mets’ first game at Citi (including video!)

Picture 005ms.jpgFrustrating computer problems–an almost crash!–delayed my report, and alas now I’m exhausted from a busy weekend! But I will do my best to jot down some thoughts from Friday night’s exhibition opener against the Red Sox. Seeing our boys at Citi for the first time was a huge treat, even with the rain that poured down and caused about an hour and a half delay. The full album can be found here!

Some brief thoughts:

1) Hmmm, the sound system. I’m not sure what the sound is like all over the ballpark, but Rob and I had trouble hearing the announcer–and even at times the music–in the upper promenade. There’s a reverb, too, that I’m not especially fond of.

Picture 016ms.jpg2) Tacos! Yum, I tried the triple taco option and was not disappointed (though make sure you get lots of napkins!). The salsas are an extra flavorful addition, but still, I must say I prefer the Shackburger overall. Unfortunately the corn on the cob wasn’t yet available; I’m dying for it! Also the publicized “Bayside fries” were not yet on the menu at the “Catch of the Day,” despite some media coverage featuring them as possibly the best fries at Citi.

3) On the SNY broadcast during the rain delay (yes I DVR when I’m at the game!), Gary Cohen mentioned Citi’s “state of the art drainage system.” I’m guessing that’s just on the field itself. Because the rest of the ballpark collects some monster puddles. Lakes, really. There was one by our seats, and a giant one on the walkway toward the Pepsi Porch. I wonder if they’ll do any tinkering with the drains after that game-time downpour.

4) Ok, let’s not get our boys hurt. No, really, let’s keep ’em safe. It seems that the outfield walls have a lot less padding than the ones at Shea did. And during the very first inning, Castillo did a nose dive over a concrete wall in right foul territory. I predict there will soon be more padding at Citi. I certainly hope there will be.

5) At least in the upper promenade, where my seats will be for most games, there’s not all that much extra leg room. But the seats are comfy, and the cup holders are welcome.

6) No “Sweet Caroline!” Yay!! There wasn’t any sing-along at all, in fact, which I find perfectly fine. One musical new addition seems to be “We Built this City,” to which I happily sang along even without the words on the jumbotron. But come on, how completely funny is it that they’re playing a song that derides “Corporation names” at Citi Field…

7) The 2nd inning had some awesome highlights–first Livan Hernandez retired the Sox with about 7 pitches (any successful starting pitching has been a welcome sight lately!). Then Fernando Tatis took the gold ring as the first Met to get a hit at Citi–a double, no less.

Picture 027ms.jpg8) Ran into the delightful Mets Weekly boys, Max and Darin ’round the food courty area. They were as pleased with the grub as I’ve been, it seemed! I’m guessing I’ll gain 5 lbs at Citi this season. You wanna take the over on that or the under? 😉 

Enjoy this video of our first win at Citi Field. Even if it doesn’t exactly “count,” I think you can hear (oyyyyy my voice) that I was very excited that we won our very first game there–and with our new Frankie Rodriguez on the mound no less!

Again, for more pics of Citi and–finally!–lots of pics of our boys on the field, check out the full album.

Now let’s just get the weather to cooperate and have an awesome season opener!



  1. nikki73

    The sound system was awful down in the lower level too (and I thought Shea’s acoustics were bad). Maybe it had something to do with the weather? In any case, hope it’s better by Monday night. As far as the food, I tested out the pretzel twist. It was soft, and actually hot (as opposed to the hard and cold pretzels I was used to getting). I’m hoping to hit the outfield food court on Monday. I keep hearing great things about these burgers and shakes.

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