Citi Field menus–pricing included!

I had an absolute blast roaming around Citi Field yesterday at the St. John/Georgetown game, and I will provide a full report soon. But in the meantime, I figured I’d give you what I know you want: The menus.

This isn’t all of them, but it’s some of the most awesome stuff. The Shackburger was delicious, Blue Smoke fries some of the best I’ve had. I want me some of those tacos, that spiced corn on the cob, and a Shake shack milkshake. Yum!

The first 3 menus are from Shake Shack and Blue Smoke:

Picture 165.jpg
Picture 088.jpg

Picture 164.jpg

Picture 169.jpg
Picture 173.jpg

Picture 189.jpgPicture 157.jpgPicture 156.jpg

Picture 209-1.jpg



    I can’t believe they don’t have the Shack Stack or at least the Shroom Burger! But at least you can get your cheese sauce from the Shack and your fries from Blue Smoke.

  2. ceetar

    Must’ve just missed you walking around 😉 I spent a lot of time out in those concessions area.

    The food is great. What I really love is that the beer is unique and local. You can’t get some of those ales (The Brooklyn Sabroso Ale at the Taco place? I don’t see anything popping up on Google for that being anywhere else) From what I can find online, those beers were designed exclusively for the food on the menu with it. Shackmeister Ale is only at Shake Shack, Blue Smoke Blend, the same. Garrett Oliver is an excellent brewmaster, and I’m glad he’s got some of his creations here. And 7.50 for a real beer is a steal compared to paying that last year for a bud.


  3. pickmeup

    Ha, yes I added that last pic so you could see just how happy the food made me. I was giddy! I used to feel sick after a burger at Shea (rest her soul)–this one was fresh and delicious! I’m dying for the tacos…and the pulled pork…and so much more. If we didn’t run into each other this time, perhaps we will at another 🙂

    I’m not a beer drinker, but from what I heard people were happy about the selection and prices. Not sure I can handle cabernet in summer, but perhaps I’ll try the chardonay…and hope I don’t feel like a tool for it 😉

    Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be many options for vegetarians–so that Shroom Burger might have been a great addition. Perhaps they’ll add it if demand is high!

  4. ceetar

    Actually, they some vegetarian salads and fruit salad in a different venue (drawing a blank on the many new names) a little closer to home plate but still I’d say RF. Also Blue/Orange black and white cookies (which you can see on my write up actually)

    I think I’d feel like a tool drinking wine at a baseball game too..especially in a plastic stemmed glass if that’s what it comes in..that said, I still might do it if they have some decent wines, just to be different.

  5. raysrenegade

    That is actually pretty good pricing.
    Considering that they pick up so much revenues from the concessions. I think the soda is about .25 cents more there than in Tampa Bay. But we have not seen our prices yet this year.

    Great selection, I want to try that chicken and apple brat when I come up in June now. That is the first time I have ever seen “Elote” corm on a stadium board. I can do without the mayo, but it sounds incredible.

    I know of a few people who just go for the food and take in the ball game and dining ambiance. Great blog, and by your smile I take it the stadium is impressive!

    Rays Renegade


    I’d also like to give props to the World Market food section of Citi (easy to miss, hidden in a corner near Danny Meyerville. The Italians heroes there looked pretty legit, and I picked myself up a slamming bowl of Texas chili ($4.75… absolute steal) that really hit the spot on a brisk day. And, bonus: they have black & white cookies… need I say more?

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