Two must-sees on SNY

We love Gary Cohen, that’s a given. But let’s say he can’t make a broadcast. Let’s say…in that cozy broadcast booth at Tradition Field…it’s just Ron and Keith. Left to their own devices. Two characters lacking a straight man.

Oh, this will be good.

I’ve got the DVR set to SNY at 7PM tonight, and for the first time I’m considering the game second fiddle. Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling covering both color and play by play. I anticipate pricelessness. Don’t miss it!

Then tomorrow, Saturday, make sure to catch what I’m hearing through the SNY grapevine might be one of the best episodes of Mets Weekly yet. If you’ve seen the promos, you have perhaps seen Daniel Murphy decked out in tennis whites and McEnroe-era sweatband challenging Julie Alexandria to Wii tennis. The dude will hit anything. Baseball, tennis ball, I’m guessing hand ball, maybe even marbles! Not something I’m going to miss. Also you’ll get to know new 3rd base coach–and all around character, from what I gather–Razor Shines. And there’ll even be an appearance from our blogosphere’s own Matt Cerrone (or as we affectionately call him, “TV’s Matt Cerrone.”)

So catch this week’s Mets Weekly at 12:30 Saturday, re-airing at 6:30 PM. Julie Alexandria’s been a great addition–I would have much preferred her to Jocelyn Pierce last year, and I can’t imagine I’m in the minority! Plus, she sent me this sweet message on facebook, “Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog and your insights on the Mets clubhouse. Thanks!” Awww. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Julie does with the show. Finally we have a true Mets fan host! By fans for fans!

And! Yes, I’m attending the first ever baseball game at Citi Field, the St. John’s-Georgetown game this Sunday. Expect some awesome pics!!  



  1. nikki73

    Great episode of Mets Weekly. Right up there with the LoDuca-Wright bowling episode. Daniel is a really funny guy, without even trying to be. He’s so serious when he plays. Never expected to see this side of him. I agree with you about Julie. I’m sure the only reason Jocelyn got that spot in the first place was because of her husband. But, it’s nice to have Julie aboard. Looking forward to seeing your pictures from the game this weekend. Have fun!


    Zoe, I just heard that Ronnie Darling is going to be on Brian Lehrer’s show on WNYC (radio) tomorrow morning. This will be great for me, a WNYC junkie/Mets junkie. The show is 10:00 AM-noon, at AM 820 or FM 93.9.

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