WBC USA vs. PUR 3/17: Watch the walk-off, and more!

First of all, if you missed the D-Wright walk off hit last night, you must watch it here. If you did see it? You must watch it again. What an ebullient moment. What a win. It’s easy to imagine David counts it among the best in his life. Keep watching to the end of the clip to see J.J. Putz find D-Wright and shout something like, “My boy!”

I tried to upload a later, slo-mo clip from another angle, where you can see that the first 3 teammates to embrace David wholeheartedly are Derek Jeter, Shane Victorino, and Kevin Youkilis, but the playback came up blank. The Jeter thing I found rather sweet, I admit. The Victorino? Erm, a bit harder to handle. Youk taking off D-Wright’s batting helmet with a big goofy smile? Adorable. (I’ll try uploading the clip again later, see if it works better.)

Not to mention that D-Wright’s clever, skillful head-first slide into home scored a previous run for USA. And on the Puerto Rican side? Carlos Beltran leaped for one of his unbelievable catches at the outfield wall, robbing Brian McCann of a likely home run, and Delgado’s 2-run dinger took away an early USA lead to tie up the game. Let’s just say, with the Mets on both teams? What a helluva friggin’ game. Without the Mets? Eh, woulda been bubkis.

Okay, boys. Let’s keep this up during the actual season, mmkay?

During the excitement after the amazin’ win, Yahoo! Sports reports a touching story about an army veteran who was badly wounded in the Middle East (and who’s a rabid Mets fan), and how he spent an unexpected half hour celebrating with Team USA last night. It’s worth reading! Players’ quotes about the game itself include this, from Brian McCann: “That was the greatest game I’ve ever been a part of. Ever.”

* * * * *

On a completely different note, I’m so glad to have Gary Cohen back for our preseason play by play! I wholeheartedly love Kevin Burkhardt, but nothing compares to Gary’s vast knowledge and humor, and his chemistry with Ron and Keith. Today, Ronnie and Gary were joking that SNY needs a whole program just for Terrell Owens and A-Rod news. Gary: “But if you had that show, the T.O. A-Rod Hour, which one gets the mirror?”

Hahaha! If you don’t know what Gary’s referencing, it’s A-Rod’s ridiculous, self-loving photo spread in Details Magazine, Apparently these pics were taken after A-Rod’s steroids-centric ESPN interview, but before the public press conference. Just…bizarre.

I quite enjoyed Jimmy Fallon’s take on the situation 🙂

Picture 853.jpg



  1. drtmuir@earthlink.net

    Oh Zoe, I have gotten hooked, and BAD on the WBC– because of the preponderance of Mets in the tournament.

    That game against PR was incredible AND poignant, because I was rooting for them when they weren’t playing the USA– because of Carlos and Carlos, of course. And how great were THEY? That game was awesome because all our guys were so awesome– they can ALL be incredibly proud, and so can we as Mets fans.

    That game was just what I needed, since I had read the depressing New Yorker piece, and Dana’s (as usual) insightful response on his blog, and I had been hearing a lot of complaining and hating on the WBC for various reasons. And I do think a lot of guys are getting banged up, because they were never meant to go so hard in March (please David, be OK).

    But I am incredibly proud of our guys as a Mets fan. This gave me a great shot in the arm.

    Finally, something really funny from MLB Network, that captures the spirit of spring training. CLick on “Sounds of Spring Training” and wait thru the ad– it’s worth it:


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