Something’s off with Team USA…

wright4.jpgHere’s David Wright, in a rather unflattering moment, so you might just have to trust me. Do you see what’s wrong with this picture? No, not “USA” on his chest, he’s thrilled about that. I mean that I’m a tad confused by David Wright’s choice of uniform number as part of Team USA. Why 4, David? You’re 5. We know and love you as 5. My first assumption was that someone else wanted 5, and the ever-gracious David gave up his number. But a check of the roster shows this is not so. So…why? Does anyone know why D-Wright’s suddenly a 4? [Update!] Cerrone answered the question: Davey Johnson, the manager, is wearing #5, but not listed on the roster. Thanks, Matt!

I must admit that I’m on the side that thinks the World Baseball Classic gets in the way of preparing a team for the beginning of the season, but I can’t say I feel especially strongly about it.

What I do have trouble with? Rooting for a team that includes division rivals Chipper Jones, Jimmy Rollins, and Shane (oh I can’t stand him) Victorino. Can I really root for these guys? Sure, I’m used to seeing rival players as part of the National League team during the All-Star game, but then I kind of have no choice. Yes, I must root for the NL, because clearly the Mets will have an awesome September…and wind up in the World Series…and need homefield advantage…and…shut up.

So I’m kind of ambivalent about the WBC, then. I’m not dying to watch the games, but I probably will. I’ll hope D-Wright gets a homer or two in his odd #4 jersey; I’ll hope Putz becomes an 8th inning star or a temporary closer. And…I’ll maybe just change the channel when Victorino’s square, smug face fills my screen. Either that, or I’ll make sure I’ve got a cocktail handy.




  1. jewelgirl04

    Zoe, he’s wearing my number! 🙂 I’m hoping to snag something bearing his name and substitute number while I’m in Miami representing TWS, lol.

  2. yagottabelieve

    Zoe… I have to admit, I’m totally not into the WBC. Hope it’s not un-American, but I just want all the Mets to get back to Port St. Lucie healthy — so I want all their teams to get knocked out first. Go Japan! lol Hope all is well!

    ~ Eddie @ Ya Gotta Believe

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