A t-shirt post

As you likely know, I work closely with GaryKeithandRon.com, where the first two women’s designs of the ’09 season can already be pre-ordered here! I think they’re both super adorable, and not just because I wrote one of them (“I wait for Gary’s call”).

GKR 09 1.jpg
GKR 09 2.jpg

Also, don’t miss GKR’s new “sale rack” section–all tees there are $10! A super steal. All proceeds benefit the Pitch in for a Good Cause Foundation, which supports Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling’s favorite charities.

More recently, The-Wright-Stuff also started a t-shirt line to benefit–what else!–the David Wright Foundation. Selling slogans with attitude, 100% of profits will go straight to David Wright’s beloved charity. One thing’s for certain, I’m sure not messing with the Johan! This one made me chuckle: “Sorry Denzel…Jerry’s the original American gangsta!” 


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