Port St. Lucie by Proxy

TracyPSL7.jpgSince I am stuck in NYC (you may weep for me), I am experiencing spring training virtually, via Tracy (whom we know fondly as CrazyMetGirl). Her facebook updates and pictures have kept me so in touch with the PSL experience, it’s almost as if I were…okay, fine, it’s nothing like I’m there. But it’s still totally worth sharing.

Tracy and her son Ryan got to hang at Duffy’s during Kevin Burkhardt’s live broadcast last evening, and she sent us these pics to enjoy of Big Burk, Big Pelf, and…50s army dad (isn’t that what he looks like here?) Dan Warthen.

To see more about last night’s Duffy’s Hot Stove, don’t miss Matty’s video, a must-see featuring a priceless exchange with Kevin Burkhardt, who’s looking pretty stud-like in his promo poster and apparently hearing a lot about it…




Tracy further reports that when Ryan approached WFAN’s Ed Coleman (pictured above), the radio broadcaster could not have been nicer and spoke to Tracy and Ryan like they were old friends, even sending over a round of drinks later. What a stand-up guy, Ed!

Then, today, Tracy got to take pics of the team work-out. Oh, Tradition Field, how I wish I could be there too! But for those of you stuck up north with me, here are some of Tracy’s amazin’ pics. Many thanks to her for sharing. And many waves of jealousy headed south in her direction.










  1. Wrightoholics

    *sighs* The sounds of spring … Sorry you can’t mke the trip this year. At some point we will see each other I guess… I am still planning my road trip down so I’ll let you know.


  2. drtmuir@earthlink.net

    I’m just weeping for myself, Zoe– REALLY should have gone down, but I was in Florida in Jan, and couldn’t get myself together to go back down. It was really cold, BTW. I mean REALLY cold, not just Florida cold.
    So yes, Matt and the other bloggers are invaluable. I’m losing god knows how much productivity logging on every five minutes and seeing “Oh, they’re practicing hitting to the opposite field. Now they’re fielding bunts.”

    And yes, that pic of Kevin is ultra-studly and superhero-like. Next year in St. Lucie!

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