For the Mets fan oenophile–or dems dat drink wine…

ryanwine.jpgToo late for the holidays, alas, but Pick Me Up Some Mets friend CrazyMetGirl shared with us her son Ryan’s awesome X-mas gift: Jose Reyes Wine. It’s called Caber Reyes. I’m guessing it’s a medium bodied wine with notes of infield dirt and pine tar and a nose of stolen bases.

Further research brought me here, where I learned that these “Longball Cellars” bottles donate partial proceeds to the player’s chosen charity.

winereyes.jpgThe actual Caber Reyes reads as such: “Aromas of warm blackberry cobbler with currant, black plum, fresh
earth, herb, cedar and a hint of anise. Flavors of black cherry,
blackberry, plum, mocha, spice and mineral with rips, firm tannin on
the finish.” Yup, sounds about right to me. Jose Reyes in a nutshell. A mocha spice firm tannin nutshell.

But perhaps you are more of a “Santana’s Select” kind of person. This well-pitched Merlot “is intense–deep ruby purple. Aromas of ripe
plums, smoky berry fruits and spice. Juicy red currant flavors on the
entry, followed with rich, red cherry, black cherry and blackberry
flavors extending to the mid-palate. A long finish with spicy oak and
velvety fruit. Soft, lush and colorful!”

Or–and I do find this hilarious–perhaps you’d like something in a white. Why, then it’s “Schneider Schardonnay” of course. A bit fruitier than our catcher, “this wine opens up with strong aromas of freshly cut green apple, melon
and pear. A bowl full of tropical fruit salad (pineapples, bananas,
mangos and papaya) is in there, as well as a hint of floral apple

Collect all three, support the players’ charities, turn the empty bottles into vases, and gosh darn it, have a fun and boozy time doing it!





    Zoe, I’ve had all three (Schneider’s Chardonnay being the third). The one that I’ve had the most of (probably five bottles, with another unopened one in the wine rack) is the “Santana’s Select Merlot.” IMHO, as merlots go, I’ve had better, but not much better. It’s a “solid”-tasting merlot.


    Also, as a continuation of my earlier post, Joe Janish (Mets Today) has a wine blog, and he’d have some input on the Longball Cellars wines.

  3. pickmeup

    Joe’s one of my blog buddies–I didn’t know he did a wine blog! I’ll have to email him for his thoughts 🙂


    As you know, Tom Seaver now makes wine for a living. In early January, I was in Calistoga, California where his winery is located and I couldn’t find it. His vineyard is only an acre and a half and he lives on it, so he is probably afraid of Mets fans beseiging him. Has anyone had any of Seaver’s wine? I have heard that it is available, although not in stores. I have heard that it is a serious wine and that it’s fairly expensive.


    I’ve heard that Seaver’s wine is under the “GTS” label. I’ll go to one of my local “wine merchants” here and see if they’ve heard of it. When Seaver does something, he does it–there’s no fooling around.

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