Two of my most AWESOMEST moments at Shea ever: Saturday, Sept. 27

I’ll be writing more after today’s (Sunday’s) final regular season game at Shea–and what a key, absolute must-win this is–but for now, enjoy these 2 amazin’ moments from Saturday.

1) I got to go on the warning track!

2) From my spot in the picnic area: Johan’s final out, the clincher of his 9-inning shut-out. On 3 days rest. Forget gangsta–if Johan fought Superman, he’d totally win.

Picture 062.jpg 



  1. prosenivy

    Bullpens. Baseball’s highest ranked definition of ‘necessary evil’, I suppose. Two years in a row is rough. Hope you’re doing okay today. Heard next year’s Opening Day is actually at night? With 10,000 less seats at CitiField and an opportunity to attend for those who would have normally been working during the day…that is definitely going to be a tough ticket to get. Living in NYC, I see the same headlines you do and you know soon they’ll be talking about whether or not they should keep Manuel…what do you think?

    Prose and Ivy

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