So starts our 4-game season

I’m stuck between two very strong, conflicting feelings right now. On one side is Yogi Berra’s most famous quote, said about the 1973 Mets before they went on to top their division with only 82 wins. Say it with me now:

It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

And literally, it’s not over. The Mets have 4 games left to get us in the postseason. They just need to do something with those 4 games. And…somehow…the upcoming monsoon this weekend has to not be upcoming.

But then there’s last night’s broadcast, which captured the other side:
Keith: I am at a loss for words, and it’s my job to talk.
Ron: That’s a first.

What else can we say at this point? There’s not getting it done, and there’s not getting it done. Let’s hope our team was involved in the first one, and they’ll snap out of it now. As in now.



  1. pickmeup

    whew, yes, the tightrope team has us on an emotional roller coaster! throw in the weather too and it’s going to be a high-strung weekend, my friends. but as always let’s go mets!

  2. nikki73

    this roller coaster is making me sick to my stomach. i’ll be at tomorrow’s gary, keith and ron day (well, hoping to be, weather permitting) and am hoping it’s not the second year in row that i’m at the elimination game.

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