Can’t they just give us a nice night of watching ball? With the cheering, and the hand slappies, and me and Coop not having to leave the Blind Pig early because the game’s too painful to watch?

I thought they’d win last night. I thought Niese would stump the Cubbies. I thought I’d get to jump around a bit over a couple drinks. Instead, Coop and I watched, wailed, pouted, and more than once dropped our heads into our hands in despair. Not what we were hoping for.

I would like a hug, please.

I’m grouchy and sad and feel like I have constant PMS right now.

Please turn it around for us, boys.

One comment

  1. nerdgirl@gmail.com

    at least you didn’t have to endure that at shea. my friend’s rally towel was in shreds by the end of that game.

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