This is what I feel like posting about

I will never tire of seeing rookies dressed up in hazing costumes. So I’m going to take a moment to stop worrying about the bullpen and post this clip from last night’s SportsNite. Poor Pelf got the worst of it, I think. Hard to hide when you’re first in line, 6’7″, and in a skin tight wetsuit. UPDATE: There was a better, slightly longer clip from Loud Mouths, so here’s that one. Make sure you see the very end, with Daniel Murphy, an expression of pained amusement on his face, waving his tiny American flag.

I will also say, how ’bout that Jon Niese? What an amazing 2nd outing for the newbie in that second game of the Saturday double header (I was at all 3 games at Shea this weekend, by the way–whew, lots of baseball. Some of it quite painful there). I also loved his post-game interview. While reporters were trying to get young Niese to say, “Yes, this was a huge game, and I’m so glad I could help win it,” he resisted. He credited Wright’s and Reyes’s defense, and deferred from admitting it was a special must-win after the first game loss–saying all games are important. He seemed modest, poised, and ready for New York. Well done, kid.




    OMG, thank you for posting this. I read about it, but missed it on SNY. (Which is the only good thing I get from having DirecTV in Chicago.) ~Julie, Chicago Mets Fan

  2. pickmeup

    I found an even better clip to post that’s a second longer and shows more of the players–including the D-Murph flag wave, which is my fave, but annoying DailyMotion hasn’t approved it yet. Stay tuned!

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