Now is the time

The Mets face only the Braves and the Nats for the next 12 games. Here’s where the division will be won or lost. I give us a MUST win for 8 of 12. Hear that, boys? You’re only allowed to lose 4 of these games. You are the better team, hands down. Dang, hands, feet, head, shoulders down. Please get it done.

Will it be easy? Against the two worst teams in our division? Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be. We’re left with 3 truly solid starters: Santana, Perez, and Pelfrey. The other two spots in the rotation are Big Ifs. What’s more, now we’ve lost Billy Wagner. Really lost him. This sucks.

But what will win or lose these games will be the offense. Our lineup can’t just stop hitting. They can’t. I was at both games of the double header vs. the Phils on Sunday, and that first game? When the Mets couldn’t get a hit to save their lives for 2/3 of the game? I went with CrazyMetGirl. This is what we looked like:

Picture 788.jpg

Picture 787.jpgThankfully, happier times would be ahead for the 2nd game. Still, the team has to fight for these next 12 games. Don’t get complacent, like last year. Don’t figure–oh, it’s just the crappy Braves and Nats. They’ll get you if you let them, Metsies!

Here’s what you do when you’re stuck at Shea for a couple hours between games. The team store looooves you.

Picture 796.jpg
Picture 797.jpgPicture 793.jpgPicture 792.jpg



  1. nikki73

    Yes, I would’ve been thinking “it’s just the crappy Braves (or Marlins) and Nats”, just as I thought last September. But, I’ve learned my lesson. I just hope Chipper doesn’t give us an adios Shea present this weekend, as only he can do. Our lineup hasn’t stopped hitting, but our starters have been a little shaky the last two nights. I worry when we need 23 runs to beat a last place team.


    Guys- did you see– there is a Magic Number– 14.

    I woke up and went to MetsBlog, and saw that we have a Magic Number! I can’t believe it, we are really talking about a Magic Number!!!

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