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Last night felt realllly good. The Mets Divas and Dykstraw watched the 2nd game vs. the Phillies at Matty’s Metsblog viewing party. Head over to MD&D to read the full report, with pictures, here!

Is it completely unreasonable to just plain want some of that 2006 magic for the rest of the season? When the wins just rolled out one after the other? The way I see it, we’re looking at 3 options for September. 1) We start losing. And as can happen (we allll know) the losing begets more losing. 2) We win! Again and again! Oh how confident the Mets are, all swagger and red hot bats and picking each other up. 3) Win, lose, win, lose, win, lose, right along with the other contenders in our division, and right to the very end. Oy.

I have a feeling I’m going to be very moody in September. I’m not a huge fan of roller coasters, Metsies. Can’t we just have it easy for once? I’m thinking it’s on the offense now. Pick up the bullpen, the missing John Maine. Wanna score early? Fine, great, but the ball works the same in later innings too. Let’s keep up what you did last night. Come on, boys. Don’t fail us this time.

September baseball: Alcohol and antacids.



  1. nikki73

    The alcohol and antacids have been out for several months already! And, throw in a blindfold and some dramamine too, because I don’t do well with roller coasters either!


    Hey, ladies (and guys), my template for a perfect season will always be ’86– Stomp ’em all flat in April and May, and then pull slowly ahead, dancing on everybody else’s graves all the way. 😛 End up 20 games in first with 108 wins.

    Some people think that can get boring. Believe me, it does not. It is intoxicating beyond belief. It is like crack– so I’ve heard. 😛

    SO no, I’m not a big one for see-saw pennant races either, and am stocking up on antacids, and wondering about Xanax. But as with the Democratic party, my aspirations have changed over the years. I just want to see Shea rock again before the end. I just want to hear that mega-decibel, “this crowd goes to 11,” post-season roar again before the place comes down forever.

  3. Jane Heller

    Hi, Zoe.

    Antacids are fine but Xanax gets it done!

    I’m a Yankee fan (sorry), but this is my first time on your blog and I admire your passion for your team. I relate. Also, I read that you worked in publishing before writing your novel. Me too. See? Even crosstown rivals can have something in common!



    Ms. Heller, I’ve read your pieces in the New York Times. Do you have anything anywhere about how you became a Yankee fan? What missteps, what evil influences, what errors in judgment could have led an intelligent woman like yourself to such a grievous faux pas? 😉

    Zoe, check out MetsBlog to see Mike Pelfrey, Good Citizen- there’s a little clip from CB Park, enemy territory, no less– a young boy takes quite a tumble out of the outfield seats to the field. The kid gets up and staggers around, and Pelf comes to his aid, steadies him, and gently lowers him to the ground.

  5. pickmeup

    I sawww that with Pelf, all over the news. After that video, a few Mets go over to him, and I can’t see who it is, but someone holds the boy and comforts him. Really sweet.

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