Announcing…the Mets Divas and Dykstraw!

blogtalk divas dykstraw.jpg

You’ve seen pics of them on this blog before, but now we’re a team. A new addition to the Mets online community. A group project that will be a ton of fun to write, read, and–eventually–listen to.

We are the Mets Divas and Dykstraw!

My Summer Family’s Coop and the infamous commenter on many blogs around town, Dykstraw, and I have united to start our own group blog. We hope this will be a stomping ground for our whole blogger community, including special guest bloggers. But more, the always opinionated Dykstraw now finally steps out from behind the comment curtain and into the spotlight.

Our next step in this group project will be to implement a bimonthly podcast–so stay tuned for that debut as well.

Stop by the new place, say hi, and I hope you’ll add MD&D to your rotation of Mets blog reading!

Don’t worry–this place isn’t going anywhere! I’ll be doing both 🙂

Picture 752.jpg



  1. Wrightoholics

    Cool deal! Congrats on your mmmm coming together? LOL

    Have fun with the new project 😉

    Are you guys keeping your individual things or slowly moving stuff to the one blog?

    May all the sucess be with you 😉

    – Desiree

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