Classic Gary, Keith, and Ron. And Tom! And Hot Foot!

Last night’s broadcast of the Mets sweep of the Braves was just a joy to watch. First, of course, it was an exciting game, close score, 9th inning victory! But before the win? There was the booth. With Keith just one night way from some vacation time, he was on the extra loopy side, and Gary Cohen, Ron Darling, and special guest star Tom Seaver made the most of it. See if you don’t laugh too:


Later in the broadcast, I saw what might have been a familiar face flash by on the screen–“That looks like DeRosa’s facial hair,” I thought. A quick rewind on the DVR confirmed that yes, Mets bloggers’ own Anthony DeRosa of Hot Foot spent a split second on the left hand corner of the TV:derosa large.jpgderosa small.jpg









 See Anthony’s t-shirt? The camera did, too, later on. They loved the shirt. And they loved headless Hot Foot. So here’s DeRosa’s fifteen seconds of torso fame:





    It was a joy in many ways, Zoe!
    People will say that these games were won from a sad team, and on mistakes that the Braves made. But what should you do, not take advantage?
    Yeah, right. “Oh, Bob Stanley, yes, you can have that wild pitch back. Oh, Mr. Buckner, you made a little booboo there at first base. Mookie, don’t charge down the line like that, you’re upsetting Mr. Buckner.” 😛 Fooey. You’re supposed to take advantage of mistakes– moreover, a good team keeps the pressure up, and can force those “mistakes.” As Keith says, “Get your foot on their throat, and don’t let them up until they go quietly into the night.” 😉

    The thing GKR thing that impressed the hell out of me recently. was the display on the last two roadtrips, of Gary’s and Keith’s thorough knowledge of early-mid 60s cartoons. I noted that they mentioned (at least) Quick Draw McGraw, Baba Looey, El Kabong, the Flintstones, The Great Gazoo, Bugs Bunny, Wile E. Coyote, the Acme Corp., SnagglePuss, Lippy Lion and Hardy-Har-Har, and Roger Ramjet.

    Then they’re back with Ronnie, and Ronnie’s quoting Dylan Thomas. 😛 They TOTALLY ROCK. 😉

  2. nikki73

    I happened to be at the game last night. But, I know I can always count on you for posting Gary, Keith and Ron’s antics. I’m sitting here laughing hysterically at my computer, and wondering what these guys will come up with next.

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